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Detailed Translations for differ from English to Spanish


to differ verb (differs, differed, differing)

  1. to differ (vary; variate; diverge; alternate with; range)
  2. to differ (make a difference)

Conjugations for differ:

  1. differ
  2. differ
  3. differs
  4. differ
  5. differ
  6. differ
simple past
  1. differed
  2. differed
  3. differed
  4. differed
  5. differed
  6. differed
present perfect
  1. have differed
  2. have differed
  3. has differed
  4. have differed
  5. have differed
  6. have differed
past continuous
  1. was differing
  2. were differing
  3. was differing
  4. were differing
  5. were differing
  6. were differing
  1. shall differ
  2. will differ
  3. will differ
  4. shall differ
  5. will differ
  6. will differ
continuous present
  1. am differing
  2. are differing
  3. is differing
  4. are differing
  5. are differing
  6. are differing
  1. be differed
  2. be differed
  3. be differed
  4. be differed
  5. be differed
  6. be differed
  1. differ!
  2. let's differ!
  3. differed
  4. differing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for differ:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
diferenciar differ; make a difference become aware of; behold; decorate; differentiate; discern; distinguish; distinguish from each other; find; hold apart; keep apart; knight; notice; perceive; see; see in; sense
diferir alternate with; differ; diverge; range; variate; vary adjourn; deviate; differ from; postpone; put off
ser diferente differ; make a difference deviate; differ from
ser distinto differ; make a difference deviate; differ from
variar alternate with; differ; diverge; make a difference; range; variate; vary alter; change; create; interchange; invent; make; switch; transform; vary
- disagree; dissent; take issue

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Related Definitions for "differ":

  1. be of different opinions1
    • I beg to differ!1
  2. be different1
    • These two tests differ in only one respect1

Wiktionary Translations for differ:

Cross Translation:
differ desviarse afwijken — niet de gangbare norm volgen
differ distinguirse unterscheiden — (reflexiv) sich (von etwas/ jemandem) unterscheiden: anders sein (als etwas/ jemand)
differ diferir; aplazar différer — Être dissemblable

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