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Detailed Translations for dignity from English to Spanish


dignity [the ~] noun

  1. the dignity
    la dignidad
  2. the dignity (title)
    el título

Translation Matrix for dignity:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dignidad dignity self esteem; self respect
título dignity; title caption; caption bar; claim; degree; demand; forms of address; heading; headline; legal ground; legal title; order of rank; ownership; rank; title; title bar
- gravitas; lordliness; self-regard; self-respect; self-worth

Related Words for "dignity":

  • indignity, dignities

Synonyms for "dignity":

Related Definitions for "dignity":

  1. the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect1
    • it was beneath his dignity to cheat1
    • showed his true dignity when under pressure1
  2. formality in bearing and appearance1
    • he behaved with great dignity1
  3. high office or rank or station1
    • he respected the dignity of the emissaries1

Wiktionary Translations for dignity:

  1. quality or state

Cross Translation:
dignity dignidad Würdekein Plural: Gesamtheit sittlich-moralischer Werte, die (die) Achtung (eines Menschen) erfordert
dignity dignidad; decoro dignitégravité noble qui inspirer la considération, commande le respect, les égards.

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