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Detailed Translations for economize from English to Spanish


to economize verb, American (economizes, economized, economizing)

  1. to economize (cut down; save; economise)
  2. to economize (save; spare; moderate; have left; economise)
  3. to economize (use less; moderate; economise)

Conjugations for economize:

  1. economize
  2. economize
  3. economizes
  4. economize
  5. economize
  6. economize
simple past
  1. economized
  2. economized
  3. economized
  4. economized
  5. economized
  6. economized
present perfect
  1. have economized
  2. have economized
  3. has economized
  4. have economized
  5. have economized
  6. have economized
past continuous
  1. was economizing
  2. were economizing
  3. was economizing
  4. were economizing
  5. were economizing
  6. were economizing
  1. shall economize
  2. will economize
  3. will economize
  4. shall economize
  5. will economize
  6. will economize
continuous present
  1. am economizing
  2. are economizing
  3. is economizing
  4. are economizing
  5. are economizing
  6. are economizing
  1. be economized
  2. be economized
  3. be economized
  4. be economized
  5. be economized
  6. be economized
  1. economize!
  2. let's economize!
  3. economized
  4. economizing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for economize:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ahorrar cut down; economise; economize; moderate; save; use less allow; bank; collect; decline; donate; gather together; give; glean; horde; pick up; put money in the bank; regress; save; save up; spare; waining
economizar be economical; cut down; economise; economize; have left; manage economically; moderate; save; spare; use less bank; go short; haggle; pinch and scrape; put money in the bank; save; skimp; spare; stint; whittle
gastar menos economise; economize; moderate; use less
reducir los gastos economise; economize; moderate; use less
- conserve; economise; husband; save
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- economise

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Antonyms for "economize":

Related Definitions for "economize":

  1. use cautiously and frugally1
    • I try to economize my spare time1
  2. spend sparingly, avoid the waste of1
    • The less fortunate will have to economize now1

Wiktionary Translations for economize:

Cross Translation:
economize economizar; ahorrar bezuinigen — door zuinig met geld of iets anders om te gaan de uitgaven verminderen
economize economizar; ahorrar économiserdépenser avec ménagement, avec le souci d’épargner.