Detailed Translations for embittered from English to Spanish


embittered adj

  1. embittered (fierce; exasperated)
  2. embittered (grim; sullen)
  3. embittered (exasperated)
  4. embittered (exasperated; suppressed)

Translation Matrix for embittered:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ahogado drowned body; drowned person
chillón bawler; crybaby; squaller
contenido content; size; volume
desierto desert; wasteland; wilderness
fuerte castle; château; citadel; door lock; fort; fortification; fortified building; fortress; knight's castle; lock; strength; strong point; stronghold
furioso madcap; madman
obstinado pig-headed person; stubborn person
salvaje primitive; savage; tomboy
vivo fastie; smart boy
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acre embittered; exasperated; fierce acute; biting; brutal; clever; cutting; fierce; inhuman; jagged; keen; keen-edged; nipping; penetrating; piercing; pityless; rasping; razor-sharp; ruthless; sharp; sharp-minded; sharpwitted; shrill; snappy
agresivo embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed aggressive; agressive; brutal; catty; cutting; fierce; inhuman; nipping; offensive; pityless; querulous; ruthless; snappy; violent
agudo embittered; exasperated; fierce able; acute; adroit; astute; biting; brainy; bright; brilliant; burdensome; capable; careful; clever; closely; crafty; dexterous; dire; expert; fierce; galling; grinding; handy; heavy; ingenious; intelligent; intense; irksome; jagged; keen; keen-edged; knowledgable; neat; nimble; penetrating; perky; piercing; proficient; rasping; razor-sharp; resourceful; sagacious; sensible; sharp; sharp-minded; sharply; sharpwitted; shrewd; shrill; skilful; skillful; sly; smart; vehement; violent; wily; wise
ahogado embittered; exasperated; suppressed asphyxiated; drowned
amargado embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed angry; bitter; blazing; dour; fierce; fiery; furious; glaring; indignant; sharp; virulent
apasionado embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed ardent; assiduous; diligent; fanatic; fervent; fierce; furious; heated; hot-blooded; hot-tempered; impassioned; industrious; intense; keen; mad; manic; passionate; possessed; quick-tempered; sedulous; temperamental; temperamentful; uncontrolled; violent
brusco embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed abrupt; abruptly; acrid; agressive; all at once; all of a sudden; at once; blunt; brusque; brutal; catty; curt; cutting; fast; fierce; hard; hard-handed; harsh; inhuman; nipping; offensive; out of the blue; pityless; querulous; quick; rapid; rough; ruthless; short; snappish; snappy; snarling; speedy; steep; sudden; suddenly; swift; swiftly; unexpectedly; violent
chillón embittered; exasperated; fierce agressive; brightly coloured; cutting; fierce; loud-voiced; offensive; penetrating; piercing; rasping; razor-sharp; screaming; sharp; shriekish; shrill; stinging; violent
contenido embittered; exasperated; suppressed
cortante embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed able; acute; adroit; astute; biting; bright; capable; clever; crafty; dexterous; expert; fierce; handy; ingenious; intelligent; keen; neat; nimble; proficient; razor-sharp; sagacious; sharp; sharp-edged; sharp-minded; sharpwitted; shrewd; skilful; skillful; sly; smart; wily; wise
cáustico embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed avaricious; biting; catty; corroding; corrosive; cutting; fierce; miserly; niggardly; prickly; querulous; razor-sharp; sarcastic; sharp; stinging; stingy; thorny
desierto embittered; exasperated; fierce deserted; desolate; extinct; forlorn; inconsiderate; isolated; lonely; lonesome; overconfident; quarantined; rash; reckless; secluded; sequestered; solitary; thoughtless
empedernido embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed fierce; incorrigible; inveterate
encarnizado embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed fierce; penetrating; piercing; rasping; razor-sharp; sharp; shrill; uncontrolled
enconado embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed assiduous; diligent; dogged; fierce; furious; grim; industrious; irreconcilable; mad; recalcitrant; resentful; sedulous; tight lipped; vengeful; vindictive
estridente embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed blatant; fierce; loud-voiced; obvious; penetrating; piercing; rasping; screaming; showy; shriekish; shrill; uncontrolled
exasperado embittered; exasperated
feroz embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed abominable; angry; barbaric; brutal; cruel; enraged; fierce; gruesome; heinous; homicidal; inconsiderate; inhuman; inhumane; irate; livid; murderous; overconfident; rash; reckless; seething; thoughtless
fuerte embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed aloud; as fast as a bullet; big; bold; brave; burly; constant; courageous; durable; effective; everlasting; fierce; firm; heavily built; heavy; heavyset; heroic; heroical; intense; lasting; massive; morally strong; muscular; out loud; penetrating; piercing; potent; powerful; punish; rasping; robust; severe; shrill; solid; sound; standing-on; staunch; stiff; stone-hard; stout; strapping; strong; sturdy; valiant; vehement; very fast; vigorous; violent; well built
furioso embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen angry; annoyed; bitter; blazing; crazy; daft; enraged; fierce; fiery; foolish; funny; furious; glaring; idiotic; indignant; infuriated; insane; irate; livid; mad; odd; pissed off; quick tempered; raging; ridiculous; savage; seething; sharp; silly; stupid; upset; very angry; virulent; wild; wrathful
inhóspito embittered; exasperated; fierce barren; inhospitable; uninhabitable
intenso embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed boisterousness; busily engaged; busy; decided; decisive; deep; determined; dire; engaged; fierce; furious; grinding; heartfelt; heavy; intense; massive; occupied; penetrating; piercing; profound; rasping; resolute; shrill; tempestuous; tied up; vehement; violent
lleno de amargura embittered; exasperated
mordaz embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed biting; cutting; fierce; nipping; prickly; razor-sharp; sarcastic; sharp; snappy; stinging; thorny
mordido embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed bitten off; fierce
obstinado embittered; exasperated; suppressed against the grain; dogged; headstrong; immovable; inflexible; mulish; obstinate; pig-headed; pigheaded; rebellious; recalcitrant; revolting; rigid; star; stern; stiff-necked; straight-backed; stubborn; unbending; uncontrollable; ungovernable; unmanageable; unrelenting; unyielding; wayward; wilful; willful
oprimido embittered; exasperated; suppressed clasped; oppressive
rabioso embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed angry; ardent; enraged; fervent; fierce; impassioned; inflamed; irate; keen; kindled; livid; passionate; quick tempered; seething; sore
rencoroso embittered; exasperated; suppressed irreconcilable; resentful; vengeful; vindictive
reprimido embittered; exasperated; suppressed bottled up; inhibited; pent up; restrained
resentido embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed discontented; disgruntled; displeased; dissatisfied; fierce; irreconcilable; resentful; vengeful; vindictive
riguroso embittered; exasperated; fierce aloud; binding; bleak; chilli; chilly; cold; fierce; out loud; precise; precisely; punctual; rigorous; stringent
rudo embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed abusive; angry; bleak; cantankerous; chilli; chilly; coarse; cold; commonplace; crabbed; crass; crusty; enraged; feral; fierce; gross; gruff; grumpy; irate; livid; nagging; rigid; seedy; seething; sullen; surly; unbroken; unsavory; unsavoury; untamed; vulgar; wild
salvaje embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed abominable; barbaric; brutal; cruel; gruesome; heinous; inhuman; inhumane
sañudo embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed fierce
subido embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed
tajante embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed fierce; razor-sharp; sharp
torvo embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; sullen; suppressed creepy; eerie; fierce; lugubrious; scary; sinister
vehemente embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed ardent; fervent; fierce; heated; intense; passionate; razor-sharp; sharp; uncontrolled; vehement; violent
vivo embittered; exasperated; fierce active; agile; agitated; alive; aroused; astute; bright; busily engaged; busy; calculating; canny; cheerful; clever; colorful; colourful; contented; cunning; dodgy; dynamic; energetic; engaged; excited; false; fierce; florid; flowered; fluttered; fullfilled; gay; glad; good natured; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; happy; heated; keen; lively; living; low; mean; merry; nasty; occupied; perky; pleased; resourceful; satiated; satisfied; sharp; shrewd; slippery; sly; smart; spruce; tied up; underhand; unquenched; unslaked; vicious; vile; wily; wise
yermo embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed fierce
árido embittered; exasperated; fierce; suppressed barren; dry; fierce; parced; parched; poor; scorched; unfruitful; withered

Related Words for "embittered":

Wiktionary Translations for embittered:

Cross Translation:
embittered amargado aigri — Rendu aigre.

embittered form of embitter:

to embitter verb (embitters, embittered, embittering)

  1. to embitter (turn; sour)

Conjugations for embitter:

  1. embitter
  2. embitter
  3. embitters
  4. embitter
  5. embitter
  6. embitter
simple past
  1. embittered
  2. embittered
  3. embittered
  4. embittered
  5. embittered
  6. embittered
present perfect
  1. have embittered
  2. have embittered
  3. has embittered
  4. have embittered
  5. have embittered
  6. have embittered
past continuous
  1. was embittering
  2. were embittering
  3. was embittering
  4. were embittering
  5. were embittering
  6. were embittering
  1. shall embitter
  2. will embitter
  3. will embitter
  4. shall embitter
  5. will embitter
  6. will embitter
continuous present
  1. am embittering
  2. are embittering
  3. is embittering
  4. are embittering
  5. are embittering
  6. are embittering
  1. be embittered
  2. be embittered
  3. be embittered
  4. be embittered
  5. be embittered
  6. be embittered
  1. embitter!
  2. let's embitter!
  3. embittered
  4. embittering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for embitter:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
amargar embitter; sour; turn brutalise; brutalize; make bitter; spoil
amargarse embitter; sour; turn become bitter; get acid; make sour; sour; turn sour
- acerbate; envenom

Related Words for "embitter":

Synonyms for "embitter":

  • envenom; acerbate

Related Definitions for "embitter":

  1. cause to be bitter or resentful1
    • These injustices embittered her even more1

Wiktionary Translations for embitter:

Cross Translation:
embitter acibarar; amargar verbitteren — bitter maken
embitter agriar; acedar aigrirrendre aigre.