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Detailed Translations for evolve from English to Spanish


to evolve verb (evolves, evolved, evolving)

  1. to evolve (develop)

Conjugations for evolve:

  1. evolve
  2. evolve
  3. evolves
  4. evolve
  5. evolve
  6. evolve
simple past
  1. evolved
  2. evolved
  3. evolved
  4. evolved
  5. evolved
  6. evolved
present perfect
  1. have evolved
  2. have evolved
  3. has evolved
  4. have evolved
  5. have evolved
  6. have evolved
past continuous
  1. was evolving
  2. were evolving
  3. was evolving
  4. were evolving
  5. were evolving
  6. were evolving
  1. shall evolve
  2. will evolve
  3. will evolve
  4. shall evolve
  5. will evolve
  6. will evolve
continuous present
  1. am evolving
  2. are evolving
  3. is evolving
  4. are evolving
  5. are evolving
  6. are evolving
  1. be evolved
  2. be evolved
  3. be evolved
  4. be evolved
  5. be evolved
  6. be evolved
  1. evolve!
  2. let's evolve!
  3. evolved
  4. evolving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for evolve:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
convertirse en develop; evolve alter; arise; become; change; come into being; come into existance; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; dig out; dig up; excavate; exhume; expose; interchange; invent; lay open; make; manufacture; open up; originate; prepare; switch; transform; unearth; vary
desarrollarse develop; evolve alter; blossom; change; create; dig out; dig up; excavate; exhume; expose; fill out; grow in size; interchange; invent; lay open; locate; make; open oneself up; open up; place; post; put; set; situate; station; switch; transform; unearth; vary
evolucionar develop; evolve alter; blossom; change; create; develop; fill out; grow in size; interchange; invent; make; switch; transform; unfold; vary
- acquire; develop; germinate

Related Words for "evolve":

Synonyms for "evolve":

Related Definitions for "evolve":

  1. undergo development or evolution1
    • Modern man evolved a long time ago1
  2. gain through experience1
  3. work out1

Wiktionary Translations for evolve:

  1. to develop
  2. to move in regular procession through a system

Cross Translation:
evolve evolucionar evolueren — aan een proces van geleidelijke veranderingen onderhevig zijn

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