Detailed Translations for fluctuate from English to Spanish


Conjugations for fluctuate:

  1. fluctuate
  2. fluctuate
  3. fluctuates
  4. fluctuate
  5. fluctuate
  6. fluctuate
simple past
  1. fluctuated
  2. fluctuated
  3. fluctuated
  4. fluctuated
  5. fluctuated
  6. fluctuated
present perfect
  1. have fluctuated
  2. have fluctuated
  3. has fluctuated
  4. have fluctuated
  5. have fluctuated
  6. have fluctuated
past continuous
  1. was fluctuating
  2. were fluctuating
  3. was fluctuating
  4. were fluctuating
  5. were fluctuating
  6. were fluctuating
  1. shall fluctuate
  2. will fluctuate
  3. will fluctuate
  4. shall fluctuate
  5. will fluctuate
  6. will fluctuate
continuous present
  1. am fluctuating
  2. are fluctuating
  3. is fluctuating
  4. are fluctuating
  5. are fluctuating
  6. are fluctuating
  1. be fluctuated
  2. be fluctuated
  3. be fluctuated
  4. be fluctuated
  5. be fluctuated
  6. be fluctuated
  1. fluctuate!
  2. let's fluctuate!
  3. fluctuated
  4. fluctuating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fluctuate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anadear fluctuate; vary
balancear fluctuate; vary balance; dangle; falter; stagger; sway; swing
balancearse fluctuate; vary cradle; dangle; falter; glide; heave; oscillate; rock; roll; skid; skim; slide; slip; slip up; slither; stagger; sway; swing; swing to and fro; whirl; wobble
cambiar fluctuate; vary Swap; alter; barter; change; change for; change over; convert; create; exchange; interchange; invent; make; modify; reappoint; redevelop; reform; renew; renovate; replace; reshape; restore; resume; reverse; rewrite; shift; shunt; stop over; substitute; swap; swing around; swing round; switch; swop; trade; trade in; transform; transpose; turn; twist; vary
desequilibrarse fluctuate; vary become despondent; become disheartened; become dispirited; despond; falter; flinch; stagger; sway
fluctuar fluctuate; vary falter; heave; roll; stagger; swap; sway; switch; swop; whirl; wobble
intercambiar fluctuate; vary barter; change for; confuse; exchange; interchange; mix up; swap; switch; swop; trade
moverse continuamente fluctuate; vary falter; heave; roll; stagger; sway; wave; whirl; wobble
serpentear fluctuate; vary bending repeatedly; circle; coil; fling about; heave; roll; swap; sway; switch; swop; whirl; wobble; wreathe
tambalear fluctuate; vary dangle; falter; oscillate; rock; stagger; sway; swing; swing to and fro; waddle
tambalearse fluctuate; vary cast; falter; fling; fling about; heave; hurl; roll; stagger; sway; throw; waddle; whirl; wobble
titubear fluctuate; vary be doubtful; be in doubt; doubt; falter; stagger; swap; sway; switch; swop
vacilar fluctuate; vary be doubtful; be in doubt; be indecised; dawdle; delay; doubt; falter; hesitate; linger; procrastinate; put off; question; retard; saunter; stagger; swap; sway; switch; swop; tarry; vacillate; waver
- vacillate; waver

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Related Definitions for "fluctuate":

  1. be unstable1
    • The stock market fluctuates1
  2. move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern1
  3. cause to fluctuate or move in a wavelike pattern1