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    • a partir de


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  1. from (of)

Translation Matrix for from:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apagado as from now; from; of today; out bluntly; cheerless; close; close by; coarse; crude; demure; drab; drained; dreary; dull; even; exhausted; extinguished; fagged; faint; flat; flatly; frosted; gloomy; grave; grey; hushed; in an undertone; joyless; languid; level; listless; mat; misty; muffled; out; overtired; pale; point blank; sad; sedate; shutdown; smooth; sober; subdued; uniform; unwavering; vulgar; washed out
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apagado shutdown
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
desde from; of since
- by; from outside; of; out of
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anticuado as from now; from; of today; out ancestral; ancient; antique; archaic; corny; flat; jocular; not modern; obsolete; old; old fashioned; out; out of date; outdated; outmoded; passé; stale; veteran; waggish
concluido as from now; from; of today; out accomplished; achieved; complete; completed; finished; over; ready
desde ever since; from the point; from underneath
desde aquí from; off; out
extinguido as from now; from; of today; out dead; deceased; deserted; desolate; expired; extinct; gone; late; no more; out; passed away

Wiktionary Translations for from:

  1. with the separation, exclusion or differentiation of
    • fromde
  2. with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at
  3. with the source or provenance of or at
    • fromde

Cross Translation:
from desde vanaf — duidt een tijdstip aan waarna (en waarop) iets geldt
from por door — oorzaak
from a partir de; de abmit Nominativ, ohne Artikel, vor allem in Fahrplänen, Listen, Tabellen und so weiter: von einem Ort, Punkt weg; synonym für: von … ab, von … an, von hier ab, von da ab
from de ausmit Dativ: von drinnen nach draußen
from de von — Ursprung räumlicher oder zeitlicher Veränderung, Herkunft, Gegenstand der Betrachtung, Ursache, sonstige Verhältnisse
from desde entonces depuis — À partir du moment où (Sens général)
from desde depuis — Indiquer un rapport de lieu ou de rang
from de à — Complément circonstanciel de provenance

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