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Detailed Translations for get married from English to Spanish

get married:

to get married verb (gets married, got married, getting married)

  1. to get married (marry; be married; espouse; wed)

Conjugations for get married:

  1. get married
  2. get married
  3. gets married
  4. get married
  5. get married
  6. get married
simple past
  1. got married
  2. got married
  3. got married
  4. got married
  5. got married
  6. got married
present perfect
  1. have gotten married
  2. have gotten married
  3. has gotten married
  4. have gotten married
  5. have gotten married
  6. have gotten married
past continuous
  1. was getting married
  2. were getting married
  3. was getting married
  4. were getting married
  5. were getting married
  6. were getting married
  1. shall get married
  2. will get married
  3. will get married
  4. shall get married
  5. will get married
  6. will get married
continuous present
  1. am getting married
  2. are getting married
  3. is getting married
  4. are getting married
  5. are getting married
  6. are getting married
  1. be gotten married
  2. be gotten married
  3. be gotten married
  4. be gotten married
  5. be gotten married
  6. be gotten married
  1. get married!
  2. let's get married!
  3. gotten married
  4. getting married
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for get married:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
casar be married; espouse; get married; marry; wed pledge oneself
casarse be married; espouse; get married; marry; wed gift away; give away; give in marriage; marry off; pledge oneself
comprometerse be married; espouse; get married; marry; wed pledge oneself; take on
contraer matrimonio be married; espouse; get married; marry; wed pledge oneself
- conjoin; espouse; get hitched with; hook up with; marry; wed

Synonyms for "get married":

Related Definitions for "get married":

  1. take in marriage1

Wiktionary Translations for get married:

get married
  1. become married

Cross Translation:
get married casarse heiratenohne obligatorisches Objekt: den Bund der Ehe eingehen
get married casarse; casar marier — Unir un homme et une femme (sens général)

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