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Detailed Translations for governor from English to Spanish


governor [the ~] noun

  1. the governor (viceroy)
    el gobernador; el regente; el gerente; el jefe; el administrador; el virrey; el encargado; el director; el soberano; el apoderado; la gobernante; la soberana

Translation Matrix for governor:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
administrador governor; viceroy accountant; administrator; bailiff; bookkeeper; captain; centurion; chief; commander; computer administrator; executor; headman; headmanager; leader; manager; politician; receiver; regent; statesman; steward; sysadmin; system administrator; trustee
apoderado governor; viceroy authorized representative; headmanager; manager; managing clerk; plenipotentiary
director governor; viceroy VIP; boss; captain; centurion; chief; chief-editor; commander; director; editor-in-chief; forewoman; general editor; head of the editorial department; headman; headmanager; leader; manager; managing director; master; patron; politician; principal; scoutmaster; statesman; topdog; woman-leader
encargado governor; viceroy captain; chief; executor; forewoman; manager; regent; trustee; woman-leader
gerente governor; viceroy boss; captain; centurion; chairman; chief; commander; director; executor; headman; headmanager; leader; manager; managing director; master; patron; politician; president; principal; regent; statesman; topdog; trustee
gobernador governor; viceroy incumbent; regent; ruler; viceroy
gobernante governor; viceroy authorities; authority; establishment; power
jefe governor; viceroy VIP; beginning; beginning of a letter; boss; captain; centurion; chief; chieftain; commander; foreman; forewoman; front-rank man; head; headman; leader; lord; master; principal; ruler; superior; topdog; tribal chief; woman-leader
regente governor; viceroy bailiff; dikereef; incumbent; regent; sherrif; viceroy
soberana governor; viceroy absolute monarch; absolute sovereign; empress; mistress; queen; sovereign; sovereign lady
soberano governor; viceroy Jonkheer; absolute monarch; absolute sovereign; authorities; bloke; chap; establishment; fellow; gent; guy; king; lord; master; mister; monarch; nobleman; power; ruler; squire; usurper; young man
virrey governor; viceroy incumbent; regent; viceroy
- regulator
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gobernante reigning; ruling
soberano aristocratic; considerable; dignified; distinguished; eminent; glorious; grand; kinglike; princely; prominent; regal; royal; sovereign; stately

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Related Definitions for "governor":

  1. a control that maintains a steady speed in a machine (as by controlling the supply of fuel)1
  2. the head of a state government1

Wiktionary Translations for governor:

  1. leader of a region or state

Cross Translation:
governor gobernador gouverneur — het hoofd van een regering, van een kolonie, staat of andere subnationale staatseenheid

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