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Detailed Translations for imputation from English to Spanish


imputation [the ~] noun

  1. the imputation (affecting; impairing; defamation; attacking; injuring)
    el atacar; el acometer
  2. the imputation (accusation; allegation; insinuation)
    la acusación; la inculpación; el cargo; la querella; la imputación
  3. the imputation (insinuation)
    la insinuación

Translation Matrix for imputation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acometer affecting; attacking; defamation; impairing; imputation; injuring assault; attack; coming over; stealing over
acusación accusation; allegation; imputation; insinuation accusation; accusing; charge; complaint; face pack; fight; game of rough-and-tumble; indictment; insinuation; mask; requisitory; romp; romping
atacar affecting; attacking; defamation; impairing; imputation; injuring assault; attack; attacking
cargo accusation; allegation; imputation; insinuation cargo; cartload; embarkation; enshipment; entraining; freight; function; haul; job; load; loading; position; post; shipment; weight; work
imputación accusation; allegation; imputation; insinuation argy-bargy; cargo; commotion; freight; fuss; hotchpotch; hubble-bubble; jumble; load; medley; mishmash; shipment; squabbling; stir
inculpación accusation; allegation; imputation; insinuation
insinuación imputation; insinuation a charge against; accusation; allusion; hint; innuendo; insinuation; reference
querella accusation; allegation; imputation; insinuation accusation; bickering; charge; complaint; indictment; insinuation; quarrelling; scolding; squabbling; wrangling
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acometer assault; attack; carve; coerce; compel; cut in; force; hew in; hold up; lay violent hands upon; oblige; raid; rob; storm; suprise; surprise; take off guard; violate
atacar assault; attack; besiege; challenge; close; contest; desecrate; dishonor; dishonour; dispute; draw; force; lay violent hands upon; question; raid; rape; ravish; shut; storm; strike; use force; violate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- charge

Related Words for "imputation":

  • imputations

Synonyms for "imputation":

Related Definitions for "imputation":

  1. the attribution to a source or cause1
    • the imputation that my success was due to nepotism meant that I was not taken seriously1
  2. a statement attributing something dishonest (especially a criminal offense)1
    • he denied the imputation1

Wiktionary Translations for imputation:

Cross Translation:
imputation acusación beschuldiging — het aangeven dat iemand iets moreel of gerechtelijk verkeerds heeft gedaan