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Detailed Translations for in spite of from English to Spanish

in spite of:

in spite of adj

  1. in spite of (regardless; irrespective)

in spite of

  1. in spite of (despite of; despite)
  2. in spite of (despite)

Translation Matrix for in spite of:

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no obstante despite; despite of; in spite of but; yet
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a pesar de despite; in spite of; irrespective; regardless anyhow; despite it; nevertheless; nonetheless; notwithstanding it
no obstante after all; although; anyhow; anyway; because of; but; for all that; however; in truth; indeed; nevertheless; only; since; still; though; truly; verily; yet
pese a despite; in spite of

Wiktionary Translations for in spite of:

in spite of
  1. despite

Cross Translation:
in spite of a pesar de; no obstante trotzmit dem Genitiv, seltener, in der Schweiz häufiger mit dem Dativ: ungeachtet eines bestimmten Umstandes; ohne Rücksicht auf etwas; einer Sache zum Trotz
in spite of despecho dépitchagrin mêlé d’un peu de colère, d’irritation.
in spite of a despecho de; a pesar de en dépit demalgré, sans tenir compte de.
in spite of a pesar de malgré — Contre le vouloir de quelqu'un, contre le gré de.

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