Detailed Translations for insert from English to Spanish


to insert verb (inserts, inserted, inserting)

  1. to insert
  2. to insert (intercalate; interpolate)
  3. to insert (place in between; put in between)
  4. to insert (place in between; put in between)
  5. to insert
    – To add new text, objects or cells without overwriting existing data. 1

Conjugations for insert:

  1. insert
  2. insert
  3. inserts
  4. insert
  5. insert
  6. insert
simple past
  1. inserted
  2. inserted
  3. inserted
  4. inserted
  5. inserted
  6. inserted
present perfect
  1. have inserted
  2. have inserted
  3. has inserted
  4. have inserted
  5. have inserted
  6. have inserted
past continuous
  1. was inserting
  2. were inserting
  3. was inserting
  4. were inserting
  5. were inserting
  6. were inserting
  1. shall insert
  2. will insert
  3. will insert
  4. shall insert
  5. will insert
  6. will insert
continuous present
  1. am inserting
  2. are inserting
  3. is inserting
  4. are inserting
  5. are inserting
  6. are inserting
  1. be inserted
  2. be inserted
  3. be inserted
  4. be inserted
  5. be inserted
  6. be inserted
  1. insert!
  2. let's insert!
  3. inserted
  4. inserting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

insert [the ~] noun

  1. the insert
    el parche
  2. the insert
    – A mode in which any data to the right of the cursor is moved to the right as you type. 1
    la inserción

Translation Matrix for insert:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
depositar putting down
destinar detaching
inserción insert access; admission; admittance; insertion; intercalation; interpolation; printing of a story; pushing in
intercalar putting in between
parche insert adhesive plaster; elastoplast; plaster; sampler; sticking plaster
- cut-in; inset
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
colocar entre insert; place in between; put in between
colocarse insert arrange; bring down; creep in; instal; install; set up; slip in; station; steal in; take down
conservar insert can; conserve; cure; guard from; keep; keep up; maintain; pickle; preserve; protect; provide for; retain; salt; save; shield; souse; support; tin
depositar insert add; catch; cheat; clearly define; confine; cut back; define; demarcate; deposit; deposit into account; dismiss; drop; fence; fence in; fence off; gull; lay; lay up; laydown; limit; locate; map out; mark out; outline; place; placing; position; put; put down; put someone off; put up; reduce; remit; secure; seize; send; set; set down; situate; snatch; sneak up on; spoof; station; stock; store; take unaware; tattle; trace out; transfer; trick; twig
destinar insert accomodate someone; allocate; arrange; board; bring down; deposit; get undone; instal; install; lay; laydown; lodge; offer someone lodges; place; pull out; put down; set; set down; set up; shelter; situate; station; take down; unpick; untie
imponer insert assault; charge; command respect; declare; force; give; insist; inspire with awe; keep on; levy; oblige; persist; press; push on; push through; push trough; urge; use force
insertar insert; intercalate; interpolate; place in between; put in between add; administer; adopt; apply; apply yourself; avail oneself of; embed; employ; enforce; engage; fit in; implement; introduce; make use of; practice; practise; push; put in; show enthusiasm; show willingness; take; use; utilise; utilize
intercalar insert; intercalate; interpolate fit in; intercalate; introduce; put in
interpolar insert; place in between; put in between dither; fit in
interponer insert; place in between; put in between fit in
meter entre insert; place in between; put in between
poner insert add; administer; adopt; allocate; apply; arrange; avail oneself of; bring down; deposit; display; employ; enforce; engage; exhibit; implement; lay; lay something down; laydown; locate; make use of; place; play off; position; practice; practise; put; put down; put in; put something down; set; set down; show; situate; station; switch on; take; take down; turn on; use; utilise; utilize
poner entre insert; place in between; put in between fit in
- enclose; enter; inclose; infix; introduce; put in; slip in; sneak in; stick in; tuck
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- interpolate; push in

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Related Definitions for "insert":

  1. (film) a still picture that is introduced and that interrupts the action of a film2
  2. (broadcasting) a local announcement inserted into a network program2
  3. an artifact that is inserted or is to be inserted2
  4. a folded section placed between the leaves of another publication2
  5. introduce2
  6. insert casually2
  7. fit snugly into2
    • insert your ticket into the slot2
  8. put or introduce into something2
    • insert a picture into the text2
  9. A mode in which any data to the right of the cursor is moved to the right as you type.1
  10. To add new text, objects or cells without overwriting existing data.1

Wiktionary Translations for insert:

  1. put in between or into

Cross Translation:
insert supplemento Beilage — einer Zeitung oder Zeitschrift beigegebene Drucksache
insert colocar einlassen — etwas in eine Konstruktion, Mauer oder Boden einfügen
insert interponer einschieben — (etwas) zwischen zwei zusammengehörige oder benachbarte Dinge bringen
insert introducir einschieben — (etwas) in etwas hineinschieben
insert insertar insérerintroduire une chose dans une autre de façon qu’elle forme un tout avec elle.
insert intercalar intercalerinsérer un jour, de quatre ans en quatre ans, dans le mois de février, afin de caler plus exactement l'année avec le cours du soleil.
insert introducir; injerir; anunciar introduire — Faire entrer une chose dans une autre.
insert poner; meter; colocar mettreplacer une personne, ou un animal, ou une chose dans un lieu déterminé.

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