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  1. lay bricks:


Detailed Translations for lay bricks from English to Spanish

lay bricks:

to lay bricks verb (lays bricks, laid bricks, laying bricks)

  1. to lay bricks

Conjugations for lay bricks:

  1. lay bricks
  2. lay bricks
  3. lays bricks
  4. lay bricks
  5. lay bricks
  6. lay bricks
simple past
  1. laid bricks
  2. laid bricks
  3. laid bricks
  4. laid bricks
  5. laid bricks
  6. laid bricks
present perfect
  1. have laid bricks
  2. have laid bricks
  3. has laid bricks
  4. have laid bricks
  5. have laid bricks
  6. have laid bricks
past continuous
  1. was laying bricks
  2. were laying bricks
  3. was laying bricks
  4. were laying bricks
  5. were laying bricks
  6. were laying bricks
  1. shall lay bricks
  2. will lay bricks
  3. will lay bricks
  4. shall lay bricks
  5. will lay bricks
  6. will lay bricks
continuous present
  1. am laying bricks
  2. are laying bricks
  3. is laying bricks
  4. are laying bricks
  5. are laying bricks
  6. are laying bricks
  1. be laid bricks
  2. be laid bricks
  3. be laid bricks
  4. be laid bricks
  5. be laid bricks
  6. be laid bricks
  1. lay bricks!
  2. let's lay bricks!
  3. laid bricks
  4. laying bricks
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lay bricks:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
construir lay bricks add; add new buildings; add on to; arrange; assemble; build; build on; build out; build up; compose; construct; erect; establish; expand; extend; fit; instal; install; lay; place; put together; raise; set up; swell; widen
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