Detailed Translations for mess up from English to Spanish

mess up:

to mess up verb (messes up, messed up, messing up)

  1. to mess up (spoil; muck up; botch up)
  2. to mess up (muck up; foul up; upset; ruin)
  3. to mess up

Conjugations for mess up:

  1. mess up
  2. mess up
  3. messes up
  4. mess up
  5. mess up
  6. mess up
simple past
  1. messed up
  2. messed up
  3. messed up
  4. messed up
  5. messed up
  6. messed up
present perfect
  1. have messed up
  2. have messed up
  3. has messed up
  4. have messed up
  5. have messed up
  6. have messed up
past continuous
  1. was messing up
  2. were messing up
  3. was messing up
  4. were messing up
  5. were messing up
  6. were messing up
  1. shall mess up
  2. will mess up
  3. will mess up
  4. shall mess up
  5. will mess up
  6. will mess up
continuous present
  1. am messing up
  2. are messing up
  3. is messing up
  4. are messing up
  5. are messing up
  6. are messing up
  1. be messed up
  2. be messed up
  3. be messed up
  4. be messed up
  5. be messed up
  6. be messed up
  1. mess up!
  2. let's mess up!
  3. messed up
  4. messing up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

mess up [the ~] noun

  1. the mess up
    el borrador; el chapuzas; la chapucería; el chanchullos; el chapuz; el garrapatos; el embrollos

Translation Matrix for mess up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
borrador mess up blackboard eraser; concept; daubing; draft; drawing; eraser; preliminary design; rough book; rough draft; rough work; rough-copy book; scribbling-pad; sketch; staining; windshield wiper
chanchullos mess up articles; botch job; bungle; bungling; bungling work; daubing; goods; items; messing; muddling; shoddy work; staining; stuff; things
chapucería mess up bungling; daubing; fiddling; makeshift solution; mess; messing; messing about; muddling; rummaging; staining; stopgap solution; tinkering; trouble
chapuz mess up daubing; staining
chapuzas mess up bungler; bungling; daubing; dredging; fiddling; fight; fooling around; game of rough-and-tumble; hassle; messing; messing about; messing around; muddler; muddling; romp; romping; staining; tampering; thunder; thunder strokes
embrollos mess up daubing; staining
garrapatos mess up daubing; scrawls; scribbles; staining
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
corromper foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset bribe; corrupt; debase; deprave; pamper; pervert; spoil
degenerar foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset backslide; decay; degenerate; deteriorate; go to seed; rot
degenerarse foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset backslide; corrupt; degenerate; deprave; go to seed; run wild
destruir foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset attack; break; convert into scrap; crush; damage; dash; demolish; destroy; destruct; devastate; disband; dismantle; eliminate; erode; exhaust; lay waste; liquidate; pulverise; pulverize; rub fine; ruin; scrap; shatter; smash; spoil; throw in; wear out; work to death; wreck
echar a perder foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset bungle; corrupt; debase; deprave; forfeit; lose; pervert; throw away; throw out; tinker
estar todos juntos mess up
estropear botch up; foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; spoil; upset attack; blow; break; bungle; corrupt; crush; damage; dash; debase; deprave; destroy; erode; pervert; pulverise; pulverize; rub fine; ruin; ruin by neglect; run down; shatter; smash; spoil; throw in; tinker
malear foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset
malograr foul up; mess up; muck up; ruin; upset backslide; bungle; cross; degenerate; destruct; devastate; eliminate; exhaust; go to seed; hinder; lay waste; liquidate; oppose; prevent; ruin; sabotage; stem; stop; thwart; tinker; upset; wear out; work to death; wreck
- mess; ruffle; ruffle up; rumple
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
borrador draft

Synonyms for "mess up":

Related Definitions for "mess up":

  1. make a mess of or create disorder in1
  2. disturb the smoothness of1

Wiktionary Translations for mess up:

mess up
  1. make a physical mess of

Cross Translation:
mess up joder vermasseln(transitiv); salopp: etwas, was einen anderen betrifft, absichtlich oder absichtslos zum Scheitern bringen
mess up joder vermasseln(transitiv); salopp: etwas (zumeist eine Prüfung, Test oder Ähnliches) mangelhaft, minderwertig machen
mess up estropear; fastidiar versauen — (umgangssprachlich): (jemanden oder etwas) verderben

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