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Detailed Translations for minimise from English to Spanish


to minimise verb, British

  1. to minimise (reduce; minimize; scale down; )

Translation Matrix for minimise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disminuir declining in force; decrease in power; decrease in strength; weakening
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disminuir crop; minimise; minimize; reduce; scale down; shorten; trim allay; be shortcoming; calm down; cool down; decline; decrease; diminishing; drop; dwindle; fall; go down; go thieving; make smaller; reduce; regress; remove; shrink; sink; slacken; soothe; subside; take away; tumble; wain; waining
hacer menos crop; minimise; minimize; reduce; scale down; shorten; trim
reducir crop; minimise; minimize; reduce; scale down; shorten; trim bring down; confine; curtail; cut back; damage; decline; decrease; diminish; do harm; dwindle; force back; go down; harm; lessen; limit; make smaller; mark down; reduce; regress; scale down; shrink; shrink away; simplify; sink; slacken; take down; trace back; waining
- belittle; denigrate; derogate; downplay; minimize; understate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- minimize

Synonyms for "minimise":

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Related Definitions for "minimise":

  1. make small or insignificant1
  2. represent as less significant or important1

Wiktionary Translations for minimise:

Cross Translation:
minimise minimizar minimierenbildungssprachlich: etwas verkleinern, kleiner werden lassen, etwas so klein wie möglich machen