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  1. nefarious:


Detailed Translations for nefarious from English to Spanish


nefarious adj

  1. nefarious (detestable; abominable)

Translation Matrix for nefarious:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
vil robber; thief
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- villainous
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abominable abominable; detestable; nefarious abominable; atheistic; awful; disgraceful; disgusting; distressed; distressful; dreadful; frightful; godless; horrible; irreligious; meager; meagre; miserable; naseaus; outrageous; paltry; pathetic; pitiful; poor; rotten; scandalous; terrible; terrifying; unholy; wretched
detestable abominable; detestable; nefarious disgraceful; disgusting; hated; hateful; invidious; malicious; odious; outrageous; scandalous; snide; spiteful
infame abominable; detestable; nefarious appalling; awful; bad; base; crying shame; crying to heaven; disgraceful; dishonorable; dishonourable; dismal; distressful; dreadful; immoral; indecent; inglorious; malicious; mean; miserable; nasty; outrageous; pathetic; pedestrian; pitiful; rank; rotten; shocking; terrible; vile; villainous; wicked; wretched
vil abominable; detestable; nefarious amoral; bad; bald; base; bogus; caddish; common; commonly; criminal; cunning; customary; faked; false; feigned; fictitious; greasy; habitual; icy; illegal; immoral; in gutter; indecent; lack of moral; malicious; mean; miserable; nasty; not genuine; obscene; ordinarily; ordinary; pedestrian; quite common; shabby; sham; sleek; slippery; slithery; smooth; smoothly; stingy; usual; vile; villainous; wicked

Related Words for "nefarious":

  • nefariousness, nefariously

Synonyms for "nefarious":

Related Definitions for "nefarious":

  1. extremely wicked1
    • nefarious schemes1