Detailed Translations for orate from English to Spanish


Conjugations for orate:

  1. orate
  2. orate
  3. orates
  4. orate
  5. orate
  6. orate
simple past
  1. orated
  2. orated
  3. orated
  4. orated
  5. orated
  6. orated
present perfect
  1. have orated
  2. have orated
  3. has orated
  4. have orated
  5. have orated
  6. have orated
past continuous
  1. was orating
  2. were orating
  3. was orating
  4. were orating
  5. were orating
  6. were orating
  1. shall orate
  2. will orate
  3. will orate
  4. shall orate
  5. will orate
  6. will orate
continuous present
  1. am orating
  2. are orating
  3. is orating
  4. are orating
  5. are orating
  6. are orating
  1. be orated
  2. be orated
  3. be orated
  4. be orated
  5. be orated
  6. be orated
  1. orate!
  2. let's orate!
  3. orated
  4. orating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for orate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
despedir discharge; dismissal; firing; resignation
proponer advancing; postulating
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
declamar declaim; orate; recite
despedir declaim; orate; recite be discharged; cast out; decline; discard; discharge; dismiss; fire; force to resign; lay off; refuse; reject; sack; see someone off; send; throw out; turn down; wave someone goodbye
orar declaim; orate; recite
perorar declaim; orate; recite
pronunciar un discurso declaim; orate; recite
proponer declaim; orate; recite advise; appoint; blame; bring forward; bring in; consider; elect; initiate; intimate; introduce; make a proposal; nominate; postulate; present; propose; put forward; raise; rebuke; recommend; reprimand; suggest
recitar declaim; orate; recite

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Related Definitions for "orate":

  1. talk pompously1

Wiktionary Translations for orate:

  1. to speak formally; to give a speech
  2. to speak passionately; to preach