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Detailed Translations for pay back from English to Spanish

pay back:

to pay back verb (pays back, paid back, paying back)

  1. to pay back (refund)

Conjugations for pay back:

  1. pay back
  2. pay back
  3. pays back
  4. pay back
  5. pay back
  6. pay back
simple past
  1. paid back
  2. paid back
  3. paid back
  4. paid back
  5. paid back
  6. paid back
present perfect
  1. have paid back
  2. have paid back
  3. has paid back
  4. have paid back
  5. have paid back
  6. have paid back
past continuous
  1. was paying back
  2. were paying back
  3. was paying back
  4. were paying back
  5. were paying back
  6. were paying back
  1. shall pay back
  2. will pay back
  3. will pay back
  4. shall pay back
  5. will pay back
  6. will pay back
continuous present
  1. am paying back
  2. are paying back
  3. is paying back
  4. are paying back
  5. are paying back
  6. are paying back
  1. be paid back
  2. be paid back
  3. be paid back
  4. be paid back
  5. be paid back
  6. be paid back
  1. pay back!
  2. let's pay back!
  3. paid back
  4. paying back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pay back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
devolver pay back; refund be sick; bring back; bring to justice; bring up; capitulate; cede; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; honor; honour; pay; puke; regurgigate; remunerate; repay; return; reward; send back; spew; spew out; throw back; throw up; upchuck; vomit; yield
reembolsar pay back; refund bring back; honor; honour; pay; remunerate; repay; return; reward; send back
restituir pay back; refund bring back; return; send back; throw back
- fix; get; pay off; repay; reward
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- refund; repay

Synonyms for "pay back":

Related Definitions for "pay back":

  1. take vengeance on or get even1
  2. act or give recompense in recognition of someone's behavior or actions1

Wiktionary Translations for pay back:

pay back
  1. to repay

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