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  1. play out:


Detailed Translations for play out from English to Spanish

play out:

to play out verb (plays out, played out, playing out)

  1. to play out (finish)

Conjugations for play out:

  1. play out
  2. play out
  3. plays out
  4. play out
  5. play out
  6. play out
simple past
  1. played out
  2. played out
  3. played out
  4. played out
  5. played out
  6. played out
present perfect
  1. have played out
  2. have played out
  3. has played out
  4. have played out
  5. have played out
  6. have played out
past continuous
  1. was playing out
  2. were playing out
  3. was playing out
  4. were playing out
  5. were playing out
  6. were playing out
  1. shall play out
  2. will play out
  3. will play out
  4. shall play out
  5. will play out
  6. will play out
continuous present
  1. am playing out
  2. are playing out
  3. is playing out
  4. are playing out
  5. are playing out
  6. are playing out
  1. be played out
  2. be played out
  3. be played out
  4. be played out
  5. be played out
  6. be played out
  1. play out!
  2. let's play out!
  3. played out
  4. playing out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for play out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
jugar finish; play out act; bet; bring down; gamble; perform; stake; take a chance; take a risk; take down
- exhaust; run down; sap; tire; tyre

Synonyms for "play out":

Related Definitions for "play out":

  1. become spent or exhausted1
  2. play to a finish1
  3. perform or be performed to the end1
  4. deplete1

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