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profession [the ~] noun

  1. the profession (work; occupation; employment; job)
    el trabajo; la profesión
  2. the profession
    la profesión
  3. the profession (craft; metier; métier)
    la asignatura; la artesanía; la mercancía; la profesión; la caseta; el apelación; el asunto; el trabajo; la causa; la casilla; el asuntos; la actividades; la aventura; el compartimiento; la actividad
  4. the profession (métier; trade; craft)
    la profesión; la ocupación

Translation Matrix for profession:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
actividad craft; metier; métier; profession Windows Workflow Foundation activity; achievement; action; activity; assiduity; business activity; bustle; diligence; diligentness; efficacy; fervor; fervour; gusto; industriousness; industry; job; momentum; occupation; operation; pursuit; vigor; vigour; work; workflow activity; working; zeal; zest
actividades craft; metier; métier; profession activities
apelación craft; metier; métier; profession appeal; appeal against; appealing for; appealing to; invocation; notice of appeal; roll call
artesanía craft; metier; métier; profession craft guild
asignatura craft; metier; métier; profession field of study; subject
asunto craft; metier; métier; profession affair; assignment; business; case; chapter; issue; issues; item; matter; point of discussion; principal theme; problem; problematical case; problems; question; statement; subject; subject matter; summary; task; theme; topic
asuntos craft; metier; métier; profession affairs; business; matters; subjects; themes; topics
aventura craft; metier; métier; profession adventure; adventures; beezer; bet; bold venture; escapade; fortunes; gamble; have a bit on the side; hazardous business; hazardous undertaking; risky enterprise; risky undertaking; risky venture; shot; venture; wager
caseta craft; metier; métier; profession den; division; home; house; hovel; hut; partition; residence; septum; shed; slum
casilla craft; metier; métier; profession burrow; check box; compartment; cottage; den; hole; home; house; hovel; hut; lair; little house; pigeon-hole; residence; shed
causa craft; metier; métier; profession bringing about; case; cause; causing; immediate cause; lawsuit; legal suit; motive; proceedings; reason; trial
compartimiento craft; metier; métier; profession cavity; compartment; data compartment; division; niche; partition; septum
mercancía craft; metier; métier; profession business; cargo; commerce; commodity; freight; load; make; manufacture; merchandise; shipment; trade
ocupación craft; métier; profession; trade action; chore; duties; hobby; labor; labour; occupation; pastime; taking possession; taking possession of; task; work; working; workpiece
profesión craft; employment; job; metier; métier; occupation; profession; trade; work branch; bread winning; livelihood; occupational group
trabajo craft; employment; job; metier; métier; occupation; profession; work achievement; action; bread winning; chore; duties; function; hobby; installment; instalment; job; labor; labour; livelihood; pastime; performance; play; playing; position; post; project; task; wagework; work; working; workpiece
- professing

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Related Definitions for "profession":

  1. an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences)1
  2. affirmation of acceptance of some religion or faith1
    • a profession of Christianity1
  3. an open avowal (true or false) of some belief or opinion1
    • a profession of disagreement1
  4. the body of people in a learned occupation1
    • the news spread rapidly through the medical profession1

Wiktionary Translations for profession:

  1. occupation

Cross Translation:
profession profesión Beruf — Bezeichnung für eine spezielle, erlernte Erwerbstätigkeit
profession profesión Metier — Arbeitsbereich, den jemand erlernt hat
profession profesión Profession — Beruf, Berufung, Gewerbe, Handwerk, Leidenschaft (sich zu etwas bekennen)
profession profesión; oficio beroep — een bezigheid waarmee men de kost verdient
profession trabajo werk — beroep
profession oficio métierprofession.
profession profesión professiondéclaration public d’un sentiment habituel.

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