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Detailed Translations for schedule from English to Spanish


schedule [the ~] noun

  1. the schedule (table; list)
    la tabla; la lista; el catálogo; el registro
  2. the schedule (flight schedule; time table)
  3. the schedule
    – The timing and sequence of tasks within a project. 1
    la programación

to schedule verb (schedules, scheduled, scheduling)

  1. to schedule
    – To program a computer to perform a specified action at a specified time and date. 1

Conjugations for schedule:

  1. schedule
  2. schedule
  3. schedules
  4. schedule
  5. schedule
  6. schedule
simple past
  1. scheduled
  2. scheduled
  3. scheduled
  4. scheduled
  5. scheduled
  6. scheduled
present perfect
  1. have scheduled
  2. have scheduled
  3. has scheduled
  4. have scheduled
  5. have scheduled
  6. have scheduled
past continuous
  1. was scheduling
  2. were scheduling
  3. was scheduling
  4. were scheduling
  5. were scheduling
  6. were scheduling
  1. shall schedule
  2. will schedule
  3. will schedule
  4. shall schedule
  5. will schedule
  6. will schedule
continuous present
  1. am scheduling
  2. are scheduling
  3. is scheduling
  4. are scheduling
  5. are scheduling
  6. are scheduling
  1. be scheduled
  2. be scheduled
  3. be scheduled
  4. be scheduled
  5. be scheduled
  6. be scheduled
  1. schedule!
  2. let's schedule!
  3. scheduled
  4. scheduling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for schedule:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
catálogo list; schedule; table catalog; catalogue; list; record; report
esquema de vuelo flight schedule; schedule; time table
lista list; schedule; table SharePoint list; list; record; report; statement; summary
programación schedule programing; programming
registro list; schedule; table allusion; enrollment; enrolment; entry; event logging; file; frisk; frisking; hint; index; innuendo; log; logging; phone index; publicity; record; recording; reference; register; registration; reservation; row; search; table of contents; writing-case
tabla list; schedule; table bars; board; bolts; cracker; drying frame; file; godsend; grate; index; lattice; lattice-works; noise level; plank; pleasant surprise; rack; register; screen; shelf; shelve; shelves; sive; sound intensity; sound level; sound volume; stroke of unexpected luck; table; trellis work; volume; windfall
- agenda; docket
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
programar schedule contrive; devise; plan; plot; program; programme; set up

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Synonyms for "schedule":

Related Definitions for "schedule":

  1. a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to2
  2. an ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur2
  3. plan for an activity or event2
    • I've scheduled a concert next week2
  4. make a schedule; plan the time and place for events2
    • I scheduled an exam for this afternoon2
  5. To program a computer to perform a specified action at a specified time and date.1
  6. The timing and sequence of tasks within a project.1

Wiktionary Translations for schedule:

  1. time-based plan of events
  1. To plan an activity at a specific date or time

Cross Translation:
schedule programa Programm — alle Veranstaltungen, Darbietungen oder Aufführungen in zeitlich festgelegter Reihenfolge bei Theater, Oper, Kino, Rundfunk oder Ähnlichem
schedule datar; limitar terminierenbefristen
schedule horario dienstregeling — regeling van de vertrek- en aankomsttijden van openbaar vervoer
schedule horario horaire — Indicateur des heures de départ, de passage et d’arrivée des services de transport.

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