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Detailed Translations for shackle from English to Spanish


shackle [the ~] noun

  1. the shackle (chain; fetter; cuff)
    la cadena; la baliza; la esposas; la boya; la cadenas
  2. the shackle (manacle)
    el grillo

to shackle verb (shackles, shackled, shackling)

  1. to shackle (chain; enchain)
  2. to shackle (handcuff; fetter; clamp)

Conjugations for shackle:

  1. shackle
  2. shackle
  3. shackles
  4. shackle
  5. shackle
  6. shackle
simple past
  1. shackled
  2. shackled
  3. shackled
  4. shackled
  5. shackled
  6. shackled
present perfect
  1. have shackled
  2. have shackled
  3. has shackled
  4. have shackled
  5. have shackled
  6. have shackled
past continuous
  1. was shackling
  2. were shackling
  3. was shackling
  4. were shackling
  5. were shackling
  6. were shackling
  1. shall shackle
  2. will shackle
  3. will shackle
  4. shall shackle
  5. will shackle
  6. will shackle
continuous present
  1. am shackling
  2. are shackling
  3. is shackling
  4. are shackling
  5. are shackling
  6. are shackling
  1. be shackled
  2. be shackled
  3. be shackled
  4. be shackled
  5. be shackled
  6. be shackled
  1. shackle!
  2. let's shackle!
  3. shackled
  4. shackling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for shackle:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agarrar having a grip; hold; laying hands on; taking hold of
baliza chain; cuff; fetter; shackle beacon
boya chain; cuff; fetter; shackle beacon; buoy; can buoy
cadena chain; cuff; fetter; shackle T.V. channel; chain; chainlet; channel; circlet; necklace; network; ring; row; string
cadenas chain; cuff; fetter; shackle series; successions
coger having a grip; hold; laying hands on; taking hold of; understanding
esposas chain; cuff; fetter; shackle chain; chainlet; circlet; fetter; handcuffs; irons; manacles; necklace; ring; row
grillo manacle; shackle cricket
tomar having a grip; hold
- bond; hamper; trammel
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agarrar chain; enchain; shackle capture; catch; cause emotions; cheat; clamp; clasp; clutch; grab; grabble; grasp; grip; gull; hitch in; hook into; move; seize; spoof; take hold of; touch; trap; trick
cautivar chain; clamp; enchain; fetter; handcuff; shackle arrest; captivate; capture; catch; enthral; enthrall; keep one's attention on something; seize; snatch; sneak up on; take in custody; take prisoner; take unaware; tattle; twig
coger chain; enchain; shackle absorb; acquire; admit; cadge; capture; catch; clamp; clasp; collar; collect; contract; expropriate; filch; gather; get; get hold of; glean; go thieving; grab; grasp; grip; harvest; lap up; lay hold of; lay one's hands on; make off with; mooch; nick; obsess; obtain; obtain by begging; pick; pilfer; pinch; polish off; purloin; put away; reap; receive; rob; seize; seize upon; sip up; snatch; sneak up on; snitch; startle; steal; surprise; swipe; take; take away; take hold of; take in; take unaware; take up; tattle; trap; twig
encadenar chain; clamp; enchain; fetter; handcuff; shackle attach; captivate; catch; chain; change tack; combine; connect; enthral; enthrall; fetter; join; keep one's attention on something; link up; seize; snatch; sneak up on; tack; take unaware; tattle; tie; twig
poner las esposas chain; clamp; enchain; fetter; handcuff; shackle catch; seize; snatch; sneak up on; take unaware; tattle; twig
tomar chain; enchain; shackle affect; annex; apply; catch; concern; consume; control; dine; dine out; eat; eat up; employ; enlist; enrol; enroll; examine; get; gulp; gulp down; hit; hit someone; incorporate; inspect; make use of; move; obsess; receive; seize; snatch; sneak up on; strike; strike someone; survey; swallow; take in; take over; take unaware; tattle; touch; tread on; tread upon; twig; use; utilise; utilize; view; walk over; walk upon; wine and dine
- fetter; pinion
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- fetter; tie down

Related Words for "shackle":

  • unshackle, shackling, shackled, shackles

Synonyms for "shackle":

Related Definitions for "shackle":

  1. a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner)1
  2. a U-shaped bar; the open end can be passed through chain links and closed with a bar1
  3. restrain with fetters1
  4. bind the arms of1

Wiktionary Translations for shackle:

  1. a restraint fit over an appendage
  2. a U-shaped piece of metal

Cross Translation:
shackle atadura Fessel — meist bandförmiges Mittel zum Verschnüren und Festbinden von Personen
shackle aherrojar; esposar boeien — kluisteren