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Detailed Translations for smoky from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for smoky:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
humeante malodorous; malodourous; smelly; smoky; stinking blurred; damp; foggy; hazy; misty; out of focus
humoso smoky damp
lleno de humo smoky
nebuloso foggy; hazy; misty; smoky blurred; filmy; foggy; hazy; misty; muzzy; out of focus; vague
vaporoso foggy; hazy; misty; smoky gauzy; hazy

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  1. marked by or emitting or filled with smoke1
    • smoky rafters1
    • smoky chimneys1
    • a smoky fireplace1
    • a smoky corridor1
  2. tasting of smoke1
    • smoky sausages1

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Cross Translation:
smoky cargado de humo dunstig — mit sauerstoffarmer, meist verrauchter Luft erfüllt