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Detailed Translations for snack from English to Spanish


snack [the ~] noun

  1. the snack (bite to eat; fast food)
    el bocado; la tapa; el tentempié
  2. the snack (delicacy; tidbit; refreshment; titbit)
    la golosina
  3. the snack
    el bocado
  4. the snack
    el refrigerio; la chucherías; el dulce; el dulces; el caramelo; el azúcar cande; el artículos de confitería

Translation Matrix for snack:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
artículos de confitería snack candy; confectionery; patisserie; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets
azúcar cande snack candy; confectionery; sugar candy; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets
bocado bite to eat; fast food; snack bite; morsel; mouthful
caramelo snack candy; caramel; coffee candy; confectionery; gasbag; gossip; motto-caramel; motto-kiss; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets; taffy; toffee; twaddler; windbag
chucherías snack baubles; candy; confectionery; gewgaws; patisserie; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets; trinkets
dulce snack candy; motto-caramel; motto-kiss
dulces snack cake; candy; confectionery; pastry; patisserie; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets
golosina delicacy; refreshment; snack; tidbit; titbit fancy dish; trifle
refrigerio snack cold lunch; delicacy; fancy dish; lunch; refreshment; tidbit; trifle
tapa bite to eat; fast food; snack cap; cover; lid; top
tentempié bite to eat; fast food; snack fancy dish; nookie; quickie; trifle
- bite; collation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- nosh
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
caramelo beige; caramel; light-brown; tan
dulce charming; cherished; dainty; elegant; graceful; handsome; lovely; mawkish; nice; personable; petite; pretty; refined; slight; snap; soft; sophisticated; stylish; succulent; sugary; sweet; sweeted; tender

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Related Definitions for "snack":

  1. a light informal meal1
  2. eat a snack; eat lightly1
    • She never loses weight because she snacks between meals1

Wiktionary Translations for snack:

  1. a light meal
  2. an item of food eaten between meals
  1. to eat between meals

Cross Translation:
snack piscolabis; refrigerio; tentempié tussendoortje — een versnapering, iets te eten tussen de maaltijden door
snack bocado Imbiss — eine kurze Mahlzeit außerhalb der Hauptmahlzeiten
snack tentempié Jause — österr.|: kleine, zwischen den Hauptmahlzeiten eingenommene, Mahlzeit am Vormittag oder Nachmittag; (kleiner) Imbiss
snack tentempié Snack — Kleinigkeit zum Essen für zwischendurch, Zwischenmahlzeit
snack picar; comer dulces; tomar chucherías naschenessen oder kosten (besonders Süßigkeiten)

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