Detailed Translations for spill from English to Spanish


Conjugations for spill:

  1. spill
  2. spill
  3. spills
  4. spill
  5. spill
  6. spill
simple past
  1. spilled
  2. spilled
  3. spilled
  4. spilled
  5. spilled
  6. spilled
present perfect
  1. have spilled
  2. have spilled
  3. has spilled
  4. have spilled
  5. have spilled
  6. have spilled
past continuous
  1. was spilling
  2. were spilling
  3. was spilling
  4. were spilling
  5. were spilling
  6. were spilling
  1. shall spill
  2. will spill
  3. will spill
  4. shall spill
  5. will spill
  6. will spill
continuous present
  1. am spilling
  2. are spilling
  3. is spilling
  4. are spilling
  5. are spilling
  6. are spilling
  1. be spilled
  2. be spilled
  3. be spilled
  4. be spilled
  5. be spilled
  6. be spilled
  1. spill!
  2. let's spill!
  3. spilled
  4. spilling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

spill [the ~] noun

  1. the spill (leakage; leak)
    la gotera; el agujero; la fuga; la pérdida; el escape; la filtración

Translation Matrix for spill:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agujero leak; leakage; spill back street; bottom; dump; hamlet; hole; leak; leakage; lower side; punch-mark; puncture; slum; slum dwelling; underside
escape leak; leakage; spill answer; escape route; exhaust; exhaust pipe; exit; hole; leak; leakage; outflow; outlet; possible escape; punch-mark; puncture; release; resolution; solution; valve-flap; way out
filtración leak; leakage; spill hole; leak; leakage; punch-mark; puncture
fuga leak; leakage; spill break; breakout; drainage; escape; escaping; flight; fugue; getting away; gradual discharge; hole; jailbreak; leak; leakage; punch-mark; puncture
gotera leak; leakage; spill hole; leak; leakage; punch-mark; puncture
pérdida leak; leakage; spill bereavement; contra; defeat; demerit; disadvantage; downfall; drawback; failure; fall-through; fiasco; flop; let down; loss; ruin; suffering
- fall; release; spillage; spillway; tumble; wasteweir
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chapucear mess; slop; spill botch; bungle; cheat; clearly define; con; define; demarcate; fence; fence in; fence off; fiddle; fool about; fool around; fumble; make a mess; map out; mark out; mess; mess about; mess around; monkey; muck; muck up; muddle; muddle on; outline; swindle; tinker; trace out
ensuciar mess; slop; spill besmear; blemish; blot; blur; daub; dim; dirty; foul; fuzzy; make blots; make dirty; plaster; pollute; slur; smear; soil; stain
ensuciarse mess; slop; spill clearly define; define; demarcate; fence; fence in; fence off; get dirty; get filthy; map out; mark out; outline; potter; trace out; trifle
hacer mal mess; slop; spill aggrieve; be disadvantuous; botch; bring evil upon; bungle; cause damage; cause disadvantage; cause injury; cause someone sorrow; cheat; clearly define; con; damage; defamate; define; demarcate; do harm; do wrong; do wrongly; dodge; fence; fence in; fence off; harm; harm somebody; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; infringe; injure; lie; map out; mark out; mess about; misbehave; muddle; muddle on; offend; outline; slander; swindle; tinker; trace out; transgress; violate; wreak evil
malgastar dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste dissipate; squander; throw away; throw out; waste
malgastar el tiempo dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste
perder el tiempo dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste throw away; waste
- disgorge; pour forth; run out; shed; slop; splatter; talk

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Synonyms for "spill":

Related Definitions for "spill":

  1. a sudden drop from an upright position1
    • he had a nasty spill on the ice1
  2. the act of allowing a fluid to escape1
  3. a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction1
  4. liquid that is spilled1
    • clean up the spills1
  5. reduce the pressure of wind on (a sail)1
  6. reveal information1
    • The former employee spilled all the details1
  7. cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over1
    • spill the beans all over the table1
  8. pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities1
    • spill blood1
  9. cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container1
    • spill the milk1
  10. flow, run or fall out and become lost1
    • The milk spilled across the floor1
    • The wine spilled onto the table1

Wiktionary Translations for spill:

  1. transitive: to drop something so that it spreads out

Cross Translation:
spill derramar morsen — (overgankelijk) materiaal daar laten belanden waar niet thuis hoort
spill salpicar kleckern — (transitiv) etwas beflecken
spill invertir; poner al revés; volcar; tumbar; derribar renverser — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
spill propagar; desparramar; difundir; esparcir répandreépancher ; verser ; laisser tomber un liquide.