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Detailed Translations for storeroom from English to Spanish


storeroom [the ~] noun

  1. the storeroom (depository)
    el almacén; el depósito; la depositaría
  2. the storeroom (storage)

Translation Matrix for storeroom:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
almacén depository; storage; storeroom Indonesian shop; department store; emporium; freight depot; goods shed; saving; storage; storage accommodation; storage place; store; storing; vault; warehouse
cuarto de provisiones storage; storeroom
depositaría depository; storeroom
depósito depository; storeroom armored car; armoured car; cistern; collecting basin; container; deposit; deposit at; depository; depot; dregs; entrust to; holder; last bit; leave with; lees; lodge with; receptacle; remnant; repository; reservoir; residuum; rest; saving; sediment; sludge; storage basin; store; storing; tank; the last bit; warehouse; water reservoir; water tank
- storage room; stowage

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Related Definitions for "storeroom":

  1. a room in which things are stored1

Wiktionary Translations for storeroom:

  1. room used for storage

Cross Translation:
storeroom nave Abseite — Abstellkammer
storeroom trastero cagibi — Local de petite dimension à usage de rangement, sans fenêtre.
storeroom almacén; depósito réserveaction de réserver.