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Detailed Translations for stuffed animal from English to Spanish

stuffed animal:

stuffed animal adj

  1. stuffed animal

Translation Matrix for stuffed animal:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
puesto booth; function; job; location; market stall; place; position; post; seat of the council; seat of the town-council; stall; stand; standing-place; station
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
colocado stuffed animal amputated; fascinated; intrigued; overlaid; overlay; put; veneered
comenzado stuffed animal begun; commenced; started
concebido stuffed animal
disecado stuffed animal
harto stuffed animal deeply; enough; exceedingly; extraordinarily; extremely; full; greatly; highly; more than enough; plenty; sated; satisfied; sick; somewhat; stuffed; tired; to some degree; to some extent; very
hinchado stuffed animal bloated; bombastic; closed; dense; full; grandiloquent; obese; pompous; puffed up; sated; satisfied; shut; stout; stuffed; swolen headed; swollen; turgid
levantado stuffed animal admitted; banking up; bolt upright; dead straight; distinguished; drifting; erect; flying up; high ranking; highranking; illustrious; noteworthy; perpendicular; renowned; standing; stately; straight; took in; upright; vertical; weighty; wiped up
puesto stuffed animal obese; put; stout
tumefacto stuffed animal

Wiktionary Translations for stuffed animal:

stuffed animal
  1. a toy animal stuffed with straw, beans, cotton or other similar materials.

Cross Translation:
stuffed animal peluche; animal de peluche Kuscheltier — einem Tier nachempfundene Puppe, aus weichem Material hergestellt
stuffed animal muñeco de peluche; peluche; muñeco de felpa; muñeco de trapo Stofftier — Tieren ähnelnde Spielzeuge aus Stoff oder Plüsch.

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