Detailed Translations for surplus from English to Spanish


surplus [the ~] noun

  1. the surplus
    el exceso; el resto; el remanente; el surplús; el saldo; el superávit; el sobrante
  2. the surplus
    el desmasiado; el exceso; la abundancia; el superávit; el rebosamiento
  3. the surplus
    la abundancia; el sobrante; el surplús
  4. the surplus (credit balance)

Translation Matrix for surplus:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abundancia surplus abundance; affluence; excess; excessiveness; exuberance; luxury; multitude; overabundance; overflow; profusion; richness; wealth
desmasiado surplus
excedente balance; deposit; dregs; excess; exuberance; last bit; lees; overflow; profusion; remnant; residuum; rest; sediment; sludge; the last bit
exceso surplus boyish prank; excess; excrescence; extravagance; exuberance; immoderateness; mischief; monkey trick; overflow; practical joke; prank; profusion; splurge; unlimitedness
inútil good-for-nothing; layabout; lazybones; loiterer; slacker; slowcoach; slowpoke; sluggard; snail; wretch; wretched fellow; yellowbelly
rebosamiento surplus excess; exuberance; gymnastics; overflow; physical exercise; profusion; speed; velocity
remanente surplus balance; deposit; dregs; last bit; lees; left over; remains; remnant; residuum; rest; sediment; sludge; the last bit
resto surplus balance; deposit; dregs; flotsam and jetsam; last bit; lees; left over; piece of wreckage; remains; remnant; residuum; rest; sediment; sludge; the last bit; wreckage
saldo surplus account balance; balance; clearance; settlement
saldos favorables credit balance; surplus
sobrante surplus balance; left over; remains
superávit surplus balance
surplús surplus balance; deposit; dregs; last bit; lees; remnant; residuum; rest; sediment; sludge; the last bit
- excess; nimiety; surplusage
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- excess; extra; redundant; spare; supererogatory; superfluous; supernumerary
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
a favor pro
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
a favor surplus
excedente redundant; supernumerary; surplus
favorable surplus advantageous; auspicious; beneficial to; favorable; favourable; hopeful
inútil excess; superfluous; surplus abstemious; ailing; aimless; clumsy; doltish; for nothing; fruitless; futile; gawky; good-for-nothing; idle; in vain; maladroit; meaningless; not very good; owlish; pointless; poor; purposeless; senseless; stiff; to no avail; uneasy; unhandy; unusable; useless; vainly; valueless; wooden; worthless
positivo surplus positive
redundante redundant; supernumerary; surplus
sobrante excess; redundant; superfluous; supernumerary; surplus
superfluo excess; redundant; superfluous; supernumerary; surplus dispensable; expendable; lacking
supernumerario redundant; supernumerary; surplus

Related Words for "surplus":

  • surpluses

Synonyms for "surplus":

Related Definitions for "surplus":

  1. more than is needed, desired, or required1
    • surplus cheese distributed to the needy1
  2. a quantity much larger than is needed1

Wiktionary Translations for surplus:

  1. excess, overplus
  2. funds in public treasury greater than ordinary needs
  1. being a surplus

Cross Translation:
surplus excedente; sorbrante; superávit ÜberschussWirtschaft: ein positiver Saldo, der Gewinn
surplus excedente; sorbrante; superávit Überschuss — etwas, das in größerer Menge da ist, als benötigt

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