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  1. tack up:


Detailed Translations for tack up from English to Spanish

tack up:

to tack up verb (tacks up, tacked up, tacking up)

  1. to tack up (lace; string; tie; cant)
    atar; enlazar

Conjugations for tack up:

  1. tack up
  2. tack up
  3. tacks up
  4. tack up
  5. tack up
  6. tack up
simple past
  1. tacked up
  2. tacked up
  3. tacked up
  4. tacked up
  5. tacked up
  6. tacked up
present perfect
  1. have tacked up
  2. have tacked up
  3. has tacked up
  4. have tacked up
  5. have tacked up
  6. have tacked up
past continuous
  1. was tacking up
  2. were tacking up
  3. was tacking up
  4. were tacking up
  5. were tacking up
  6. were tacking up
  1. shall tack up
  2. will tack up
  3. will tack up
  4. shall tack up
  5. will tack up
  6. will tack up
continuous present
  1. am tacking up
  2. are tacking up
  3. is tacking up
  4. are tacking up
  5. are tacking up
  6. are tacking up
  1. be tacked up
  2. be tacked up
  3. be tacked up
  4. be tacked up
  5. be tacked up
  6. be tacked up
  1. tack up!
  2. let's tack up!
  3. tacked up
  4. tacking up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for tack up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atar affixing; attaching; fastening; tie to
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atar cant; lace; string; tack up; tie anchor; attach; bind; bind fast; bind round; bind together; bind up; bundle; button; button up; confirm; connect; detain; fasten; fasten on; fix; join; keep on a string; knot; lace up; lash; leash on; moor; pinion; put on; secure; string; tie; tie on; tie together; tie up; tie up high; unite
enlazar cant; lace; string; tack up; tie bind; enter; enter into; entwine; hitch in; hook into; interlace; intertwine; interweave; lace up; tie on to

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