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Detailed Translations for tails from English to Spanish


tails [the ~] noun

  1. the tails (dress suit)
    el frac; el chaqué
  2. the tails
    la colas; el rabos

Translation Matrix for tails:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chaqué dress suit; tails dress-coat; dress-suit; swallow-tail; tail coat; tail-coat
colas tails
frac dress suit; tails dress-coat; dress-suit; skirt; swallow-tail; tail coat; tail-coat
rabos tails
- dress suit; full dress; tail coat; tailcoat; white tie; white tie and tails

Synonyms for "tails":

Related Definitions for "tails":

  1. formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men1

Wiktionary Translations for tails:

  1. side of coin

Cross Translation:
tails sello ZahlMünzwesen: die Zahl- oder Schriftseite einer Münze
tails vestido; ropa habit — Tout ce qui est fait pour couvrir le corps, excepté le linge, la coiffure et la chaussure (Sens général)

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