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Detailed Translations for tear loose from English to Spanish

tear loose:

Translation Matrix for tear loose:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arrancar break off; cranking up; interrupting; severing; tearing loose; tearing off; wresting from
derribar putting down; shooting down; shooting to death
romper breaking; demolition; destruction; rending; snapping; tearing; wrecking
separar disconnecting; disconnection; dispersing; removing; separating; uncoupling; unhooking
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arrancar break up; tear loose be in need; be in want; begin; boot; bring down; cadge; commence; dig up; drive; elbow out; extort; get open; get undone; go short; herald; lift; mooch; obtain by begging; open; pinch and scrape; prompt; pull off; pull out; push aside; push away; put to the sword; ring in; rip; rip off; set in motion; set up; shake off; snatch; snatch away; start; start to; start up; strike up; take down; take of the body; take off; take on; tear off; tear out; turn out; undertake; undo; unpick; untie; urge; wrest from
demoler break down; break up; demolish; destroy; drag down; get down; pull down; take down; tear down; tear loose; wreck break up; demolish; destruct; devastate; eliminate; exhaust; lay waste; liquidate; ruin; sap; tear down; wear out; work to death; wreck
derribar break down; break up; demolish; destroy; drag down; get down; pull down; take down; tear down; tear loose; wreck blot out; break down; bring down; carve; cast; chop down; cut down; cut in; delete; deposit; destruct; devastate; eliminate; erase; exhaust; fell; fling; floor; give way; go to pieces; heave; hew in; hurl; knock down; knock over; lay; lay waste; laydown; liquidate; overthrow; overturn; place; pull down; push over; put down; put to the sword; rub out; ruin; sap; set; set down; shoot down; situate; station; sweep away; take down; throw; throw down; throw over; tip over; topple; topple over; upset; wear out; wipe; wipe out; work to death; wreck
desguazar break down; break up; demolish; destroy; drag down; get down; pull down; take down; tear down; tear loose; wreck sap
romper break up; tear loose adjourn; become defective; break; break down; break in; break into pieces; break to pieces; burst open; carve; come loose; crack; crackle; crush; cut in; dash; destroy; destruct; devastate; die; eliminate; exhaust; fall to pieces; fracture; hew in; intentionally destroy; knock to pieces; lay waste; liquidate; perish; pulverise; pulverize; refract; rend; rip; rub fine; ruin; sever; shatter; smash; smash into pieces; smash to pieces; smash up; snap; spring open; tear; throw in; wear out; work to death; wreck
separar break up; tear loose adjourn; break down; cleave; collect; come round for; crack; declutch; depress the clutch; deprive of; differentiate; disconnect; dissociate from; divide; divorce; excerpt; extract; fetch; get undone; hoard; isolate; itemise; itemize; oust; part; pick up; place apart; pot; pull off; pull out; remove; rip off; seclude; secluding; separate; set apart; sever; split; split off; split up; store; strip off; take; take along; take away; tear off; uncouple; unpick; untie
tirar hasta romper pull to pieces; tear loose; tear to pieces

Wiktionary Translations for tear loose:

Cross Translation:
tear loose arrancar losrukken — met een ruk losmaken

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