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Detailed Translations for torture from English to Spanish


to torture verb (tortures, tortured, torturing)

  1. to torture (assault; molest; beat up; batter)
  2. to torture (torment; hurt; aggrieve; offend)

Conjugations for torture:

  1. torture
  2. torture
  3. tortures
  4. torture
  5. torture
  6. torture
simple past
  1. tortured
  2. tortured
  3. tortured
  4. tortured
  5. tortured
  6. tortured
present perfect
  1. have tortured
  2. have tortured
  3. has tortured
  4. have tortured
  5. have tortured
  6. have tortured
past continuous
  1. was torturing
  2. were torturing
  3. was torturing
  4. were torturing
  5. were torturing
  6. were torturing
  1. shall torture
  2. will torture
  3. will torture
  4. shall torture
  5. will torture
  6. will torture
continuous present
  1. am torturing
  2. are torturing
  3. is torturing
  4. are torturing
  5. are torturing
  6. are torturing
  1. be tortured
  2. be tortured
  3. be tortured
  4. be tortured
  5. be tortured
  6. be tortured
  1. torture!
  2. let's torture!
  3. tortured
  4. torturing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

torture [the ~] noun

  1. the torture
    la tortura
  2. the torture (torment; agony; pain)
    el inconveniente; la calamidad; la pesada; el sostenido; la bromista; la cruces; el vejamen; el avinagrado

Translation Matrix for torture:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avinagrado agony; pain; torment; torture grief; miser; sourpuss
bromista agony; pain; torment; torture clown; comedian; comic; funnyman; hoaxer; joker; nuisance; queer chap; queer fellow; rascal; rogue; scoundrel; slyboots; wag
calamidad agony; pain; torment; torture calamity; catastrophe; epidemic; joke; nuisance; pestilence; plague
cruces agony; pain; torment; torture crosses
inconveniente agony; pain; torment; torture complaint; damage; disadvantage; drawback; inconvenience; loss; nuisance
pesada agony; pain; torment; torture nuisance
sostenido agony; pain; torment; torture
tortura torture
vejamen agony; pain; torment; torture gibe; jeer; taunt
- agony; anguish; distortion; overrefinement; straining; torment; torturing; twisting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
maltratar assault; batter; beat up; molest; torture beat up; damage; hurt; injure; knock about; maul; whip
torturar aggrieve; hurt; offend; torment; torture
- excruciate; rack; torment
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- torment
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avinagrado edgy; grumbling; grumpy; irritated; sulky; vexed
inconveniente detrimental; disadvantuous; immoral; indecent; shady; unfavorable; unfavourable; unprofitable
sostenido persevered; propped; propped up; stood; supported

Related Words for "torture":

  • torturing, tortures

Synonyms for "torture":

Related Definitions for "torture":

  1. the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason1
    • it required unnatural torturing to extract a confession1
  2. the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean1
  3. intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain1
  4. extreme mental distress1
  5. unbearable physical pain1
  6. subject to torture1
  7. torment emotionally or mentally1

Wiktionary Translations for torture:

  1. intentional causing of somebody's experiencing agony
  1. to intentionally inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on helpless victims

Cross Translation:
torture tortura marteling — opzettelijk toegebrachte pijniging van een gevangene
torture torturar martelen — een gevangene onderwerpen aan lichamelijke en/of geestelijke pijniging, voornamelijk teneinde informatie los te krijgen
torture tortura Folterselten im Plural: die Misshandlung oder das Zufügen von körperlichen und seelischen Schmerzen
torture tormento; dolor QualSchmerz, Leid, etwas physisch oder psychisch belastendes
torture atormentar; torturar quälen — absichtlich Schmerzen zufügen, leiden machen
torture atormentar tourmenter — Faire souffrir quelque tourment de corps.