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Detailed Translations for unrealistic from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for unrealistic:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
absurdo backwardness; baloney; folly; humbug; mental illness; nonsense; piffle; preposterousness; retardation; rubbish; tattle; twaddle
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
absurdo impractible; not feasible; unrealistic absurd; crazy; daft; dumb; foolish; funny; idiot; idiotic; insane; irrational; laughable; ludicrous; mad; mentally disturbed; mindless; mixed up; muzzy; not sensible; odd; potty; preposterous; ridicule; ridiculous; senseless; silly; stupid; unwise; useless; weird
imaginario imaginary; unreal; unrealistic fancied; fictitious; illusive; illusory; imaginary; impossible
imposible impractible; not feasible; unrealistic hopeless; impossible; impractical; unfeasible
impracticable impractible; not feasible; unrealistic hopeless; impractical; unfeasible; unplayable
inalcanzable impractible; not feasible; unrealistic impenetrable; impermeable; impervious; inaccessible; unapproachable; unattainable; unreachable
irreal imaginary; impractible; not feasible; unreal; unrealistic imaginary; impossible; unreal
irrealizable impractible; not feasible; unrealistic hopeless; impractical; unfeasible
no realista unrealistic
no viable impractible; not feasible; unrealistic
ridículo impractible; not feasible; unrealistic absurd; crazy; drunk; drunken; idiotic; insane; intoxicated; laughable; ludicrous; mentally disturbed; pissed; preposterous; ridicule; ridiculous; tight; tipsy

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  1. not realistic1
    • unrealistic expectations1
    • prices at unrealistic high levels1

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Cross Translation:
unrealistic irreal irrealnicht wirklich, außerhalb der Wirklichkeit; nur in der Vorstellung