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Detailed Translations for wax from English to Spanish


to wax verb (waxes, waxed, waxing)

  1. to wax

Conjugations for wax:

  1. wax
  2. wax
  3. waxes
  4. wax
  5. wax
  6. wax
simple past
  1. waxed
  2. waxed
  3. waxed
  4. waxed
  5. waxed
  6. waxed
present perfect
  1. have waxed
  2. have waxed
  3. has waxed
  4. have waxed
  5. have waxed
  6. have waxed
past continuous
  1. was waxing
  2. were waxing
  3. was waxing
  4. were waxing
  5. were waxing
  6. were waxing
  1. shall wax
  2. will wax
  3. will wax
  4. shall wax
  5. will wax
  6. will wax
continuous present
  1. am waxing
  2. are waxing
  3. is waxing
  4. are waxing
  5. are waxing
  6. are waxing
  1. be waxed
  2. be waxed
  3. be waxed
  4. be waxed
  5. be waxed
  6. be waxed
  1. wax!
  2. let's wax!
  3. waxed
  4. waxing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wax:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
encerar wax brush up; buff; doll up; polish; rub in; rub smooth; shine up; smooth; smudge; spread; spruce up; strike; trick up
frotar con cera wax
- climb; full; mount; rise

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Synonyms for "wax":

Antonyms for "wax":

  • wane

Related Definitions for "wax":

  1. any of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water1
  2. go up or advance1
  3. increase in phase1
    • the moon is waxing1
  4. cover with wax1
    • wax the car1

Wiktionary Translations for wax:

  1. oily, water-resistant substance
  2. preparation containing wax, used as a polish
  1. made of wax
  1. apply wax to
  2. remove hair from
  3. to assume specified characteristic
  4. literary: grow
  5. of the moon: appear larger each night

Cross Translation:
wax crescer wassen — groeien
wax cera was — product van de bij
wax lustre; betún para calzado; betún schoensmeer — smeersel om leer glanzend en soepel te houden en de kale plekken op te kleuren
wax cera WachsChemie: Ester aus Fettsäuren und langkettigen Alkoholenvergleiche Wikipedia|Wachs#Wachsarten|Wachs
wax crecer zunehmenMond, Venus, Merkur: den von der Erde aus sichtbaren beleuchteten Teil vergrößern
wax aumentar; abultar; crecer augmenterrendre une quantité plus grande.
wax cera cirematière mou, très fusible et jaunâtre, avec laquelle les abeilles construire les gâteaux de leurs ruches et qu’on emploie à différents usages, dans les arts, dans l’économie domestique, etc.
wax encerar cirer — Enduire ou frotter de cire.
wax encerar; lustrar cirer — Enduire de cirage une chaussure pour la faire briller.
wax crecer croître — Se développer, parler des hommes, des animaux, des plantes.
wax crecer grandir — intransitif|fr devenir plus grand.

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