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Detailed Translations for adequate from English to French


Translation Matrix for adequate:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- decent; enough; equal; fair to middling; passable; tolerable
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- perfect; perfectly satisfactory; satisfactory
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adéquat adequate applicable; apposite; appropriate; apt; effective; efficient; fit; fitting; proper; relevant; right; suitable
approprié adequate accurate; applicable; apposite; appropriate; apt; becoming; befitting; correct; effective; efficient; fair; fit; fitting; moderate; precise; proper; reasonable; relevant; right; suitable
convenable adequate agreeable; applicable; apposite; appropriate; apt; aristocratic; as it should be; becoming; befitting; benevolent; chivalrous; civil; clean; courteous; decent; dignified; distinguished; effective; efficient; elegant; eminent; fair; fine; fit; fitting; genial; good-natured; graceful; grand; great; high-bred; honest; kind; lofty; majestic; majestically; mild; moderate; neat; passable; pleasant; pompous; prominent; proper; properly; readily; reasonable; refined; relevant; reputable; respectable; right; seemly; solemnly; sophisticated; stylish; suitable; suitably; tolerable; virtuous; well-mannered; willingly; worthy
suffisant adequate; enough; satisfactory; sufficient; up to the mark arrogant; depreciatory; derogatory; disparaging; haughty; high-and-mighty; high-handed; pedantic; presumptuous; proud; slighting; supercilious; superior

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Related Definitions for "adequate":

  1. having the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task1
    • she had adequate training1
    • her training was adequate1
    • she was adequate to the job1
  2. about average; acceptable1
    • more than adequate as a secretary1
  3. sufficient for the purpose1
    • an adequate income1
    • the food was adequate1

Wiktionary Translations for adequate:

  1. equal to some requirement
  1. Qui convenir, qui correspond aux attentes.
  2. Qui est approprier, qui convient à quelqu’un ou à quelque chose.

Cross Translation:
adequate adéquat adequaat — correct en passend bij het beoogde doel
adequate adéquat adäquat — den gestellten Bedingungen angemessen
adequate approprié; raisonnable; convenable; adéquat angemessen — den Verhältnissen entsprechend, passend
adequate satisfaisant befriedigend — so, dass es die beteiligen zufrieden macht
adequate suffisant; suffisante hinreichendumgangssprachlich: das rechte Maß von dem, was da sein muss – nicht zu viel und nicht zu wenig

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