Detailed Translations for anticipate from English to French


to anticipate verb (anticipates, anticipated, anticipating)

  1. to anticipate (foresee)
    prévoir; anticiper; augurer; entrevoir
    • prévoir verb (prévois, prévoit, prévoyons, prévoyez, )
    • anticiper verb (anticipe, anticipes, anticipons, anticipez, )
    • augurer verb (augure, augures, augurons, augurez, )
    • entrevoir verb (entrevois, entrevoit, entrevoyons, entrevoyez, )
  2. to anticipate (expect; look forward to; look forward)
    espérer; compter sur; s'attendre à
    • espérer verb (espère, espères, espérons, espérez, )
  3. to anticipate
    anticiper; anticiper sur
    • anticiper verb (anticipe, anticipes, anticipons, anticipez, )
  4. to anticipate (sense)
    – realize beforehand 1
    ressentir; sentir; pressentir; apercevoir; éprouver; se rendre compte de
    • ressentir verb (ressens, ressent, ressentons, ressentez, )
    • sentir verb (sens, sent, sentons, sentez, )
    • pressentir verb (pressens, pressent, pressentons, pressentez, )
    • apercevoir verb (aperçois, aperçoit, apercevons, apercevez, )
    • éprouver verb (éprouve, éprouves, éprouvons, éprouvez, )

Conjugations for anticipate:

  1. anticipate
  2. anticipate
  3. anticipates
  4. anticipate
  5. anticipate
  6. anticipate
simple past
  1. anticipated
  2. anticipated
  3. anticipated
  4. anticipated
  5. anticipated
  6. anticipated
present perfect
  1. have anticipated
  2. have anticipated
  3. has anticipated
  4. have anticipated
  5. have anticipated
  6. have anticipated
past continuous
  1. was anticipating
  2. were anticipating
  3. was anticipating
  4. were anticipating
  5. were anticipating
  6. were anticipating
  1. shall anticipate
  2. will anticipate
  3. will anticipate
  4. shall anticipate
  5. will anticipate
  6. will anticipate
continuous present
  1. am anticipating
  2. are anticipating
  3. is anticipating
  4. are anticipating
  5. are anticipating
  6. are anticipating
  1. be anticipated
  2. be anticipated
  3. be anticipated
  4. be anticipated
  5. be anticipated
  6. be anticipated
  1. anticipate!
  2. let's anticipate!
  3. anticipated
  4. anticipating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for anticipate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anticiper anticipate; foresee advance; forward
anticiper sur anticipate
apercevoir anticipate; sense attend; become aware of; behold; feel; find; learn; notice; observe; perceive; see; see in; sense; signal; witness
augurer anticipate; foresee forecast; foretell; predict; soothsay; tell in advance
compter sur anticipate; expect; look forward; look forward to
entrevoir anticipate; foresee
espérer anticipate; expect; look forward; look forward to have one's heart set on; hope; languish; long for; pine; to want something very badly; yearn
pressentir anticipate; sense
prévoir anticipate; foresee contrive; devise; negociate; negotiate; plan; plot; set up
ressentir anticipate; sense encounter; experience; feel
s'attendre à anticipate; expect; look forward; look forward to be prepared for
se rendre compte de anticipate; sense attend; feel; notice; observe; perceive; see; sense; signal; witness
sentir anticipate; sense encounter; experience; feel
éprouver anticipate; sense attempt; check; control; encounter; endeavor; endeavour; endure; examine; experience; experiment; feel; inspect; learn; live through; pretest; proof; put to the test; strive; suffer; test; try; try out; try s.o.'s mettle; verify
- call; counter; expect; forebode; foreknow; foresee; forestall; foretell; look for; look to; predict; previse; prognosticate; promise
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- forestall

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Synonyms for "anticipate":

Related Definitions for "anticipate":

  1. be a forerunner of or occur earlier than1
    • This composition anticipates Impressionism1
  2. regard something as probable or likely1
  3. realize beforehand1
    • A good boxer can anticipate the moves of his opponent.2
  4. make a prediction about; tell in advance1
  5. be excited or anxious about1
  6. act in advance of; deal with ahead of time1

Wiktionary Translations for anticipate:

  1. to know of something before it manifests
Cross Translation:
anticipate anticiper antizipieren — etwas erkennen, bevor es eingetreten ist; vorwegnehmen
anticipate calculer; compter rechnenrechnen mit: stark vermuten, dass etwas geschehen wird; voraussehen