Detailed Translations for fold from English to French


to fold verb (folds, folded, folding)

  1. to fold
    plier; déplier; replier; se déplier; plier en deux; rabattre
    • plier verb (plie, plies, plions, pliez, )
    • déplier verb (déplie, déplies, déplions, dépliez, )
    • replier verb (replie, replies, replions, repliez, )
    • rabattre verb (rabats, rabat, rabattons, rabattez, )
  2. to fold
    • plier verb (plie, plies, plions, pliez, )

Conjugations for fold:

  1. fold
  2. fold
  3. folds
  4. fold
  5. fold
  6. fold
simple past
  1. folded
  2. folded
  3. folded
  4. folded
  5. folded
  6. folded
present perfect
  1. have folded
  2. have folded
  3. has folded
  4. have folded
  5. have folded
  6. have folded
past continuous
  1. was folding
  2. were folding
  3. was folding
  4. were folding
  5. were folding
  6. were folding
  1. shall fold
  2. will fold
  3. will fold
  4. shall fold
  5. will fold
  6. will fold
continuous present
  1. am folding
  2. are folding
  3. is folding
  4. are folding
  5. are folding
  6. are folding
  1. be folded
  2. be folded
  3. be folded
  4. be folded
  5. be folded
  6. be folded
  1. fold!
  2. let's fold!
  3. folded
  4. folding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

fold [the ~] noun

  1. the fold (pleat; folds; crease; pleats; tuck)
    le pli; le plissage; la fronce; le plissement
  2. the fold (sheep pen; sheep-fold; pen)
    la bergerie
  3. the fold (ridge)
    le pli
    • pli [le ~] noun

Translation Matrix for fold:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bergerie fold; pen; sheep pen; sheep-fold
fronce crease; fold; folds; pleat; pleats; tuck
pli crease; fold; folds; pleat; pleats; ridge; tuck crease; dog ear; facial line; furrow; wrinkle
plissage crease; fold; folds; pleat; pleats; tuck
plissement crease; fold; folds; pleat; pleats; tuck
- bend; congregation; crease; crimp; faithful; flexure; flock; folding; plica; plication; sheep pen; sheepcote; sheepfold
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
déplier fold fold open; fold out; open; spread out; unfold
plier fold arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; change; curve; double; fold down; fold in two; fold open; fold out; fold over; fold up; incline; spread out; tend to; turn back; unfold; wrench; wring out
plier en deux fold fold in two; fold up
rabattre fold bargain; break; haggle; knock to pieces; mediate; negociate; negotiate; shatter; smash; smash to pieces; smash up
replier fold bend; change; fold in; fold up; turn back
se déplier fold disperse; fan out; fold open; fold out; hive off; spread out; swarm about; swarm around; unfold
- close; close down; close up; fold up; pen up; shut down; turn up

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Related Definitions for "fold":

  1. the act of folding1
    • he gave the napkins a double fold1
  2. a pen for sheep1
  3. a folded part (as in skin or muscle)1
  4. a group of sheep or goats1
  5. a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church1
  6. a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock1
  7. an angular or rounded shape made by folding1
    • a fold in the napkin1
  8. incorporate a food ingredient into a mixture by repeatedly turning it over without stirring or beating1
  9. become folded or folded up1
    • The bed folds in a jiffy1
  10. bend or lay so that one part covers the other1
  11. confine in a fold, like sheep1
  12. cease to operate or cause to cease operating1

Wiktionary Translations for fold:

  1. church or congregation
  2. enclosure for domestic animals
  3. correct move in origami
  4. bend or crease
  5. act of folding
  1. cease to trade
  2. stir gently with a folding action
  3. poker: withdraw from betting
  4. give way on a point or in an argument
  5. fall over
  6. make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending
  7. bend (thin material) over
  1. Double qu’on fait en rabattant une partie contre une autre
  1. Mettre en double... (sens général)

Cross Translation:
fold plier vouwen — twee delen over een naad tezamen buigen
fold ride Faltelängliche Unebenheit in ebenen, glatten Oberflächen insbesondere bei textilen Stoffen, Papier, Haut und Ähnlichem
fold plier falten — umbiegen und zusammenlegen

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