Detailed Translations for hire from English to French


to hire verb (hires, hired, hiring)

  1. to hire (employ; recruit; engage; sign on)
    recruter; embaucher; engager; prendre en service; nommer
    • recruter verb (recrute, recrutes, recrutons, recrutez, )
    • embaucher verb (embauche, embauches, embauchons, embauchez, )
    • engager verb (engage, engages, engageons, engagez, )
    • nommer verb (nomme, nommes, nommons, nommez, )
  2. to hire (employ; set to work)
    embaucher; dégager; détacher; dévisser; déboutonner
    • embaucher verb (embauche, embauches, embauchons, embauchez, )
    • dégager verb (dégage, dégages, dégagons, dégagez, )
    • détacher verb (détache, détaches, détachons, détachez, )
    • dévisser verb (dévisse, dévisses, dévissons, dévissez, )
    • déboutonner verb (déboutonne, déboutonnes, déboutonnons, déboutonnez, )
  3. to hire (charter)
    prendre en location; louer
    • louer verb (loue, loues, louons, louez, )

Conjugations for hire:

  1. hire
  2. hire
  3. hires
  4. hire
  5. hire
  6. hire
simple past
  1. hired
  2. hired
  3. hired
  4. hired
  5. hired
  6. hired
present perfect
  1. have hired
  2. have hired
  3. has hired
  4. have hired
  5. have hired
  6. have hired
past continuous
  1. was hiring
  2. were hiring
  3. was hiring
  4. were hiring
  5. were hiring
  6. were hiring
  1. shall hire
  2. will hire
  3. will hire
  4. shall hire
  5. will hire
  6. will hire
continuous present
  1. am hiring
  2. are hiring
  3. is hiring
  4. are hiring
  5. are hiring
  6. are hiring
  1. be hired
  2. be hired
  3. be hired
  4. be hired
  5. be hired
  6. be hired
  1. hire!
  2. let's hire!
  3. hired
  4. hiring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for hire:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dégager clearing away
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
déboutonner employ; hire; set to work abolish; annul; cancel; fray; loosen; make public; nullify; open; open up; publish; ravel out; release; unbutton; uncover; undo; unhitch; unlock; unpick; unravel; untie
dégager employ; hire; set to work clear; discharge; disengage; disgorge; drain; empty; expel; free; get undone; kick away; loosen; pull out; release; remove; set free; thrust off; unlace; unpick; untie; work loose
détacher employ; hire; set to work break open; break up; crack; cut down; cut free; cut loose; decode; depart; detach; differentiate; disconnect; dislodge; drop out; force open; get undone; go; go away; knock open; leave; loosen; pluck; pull off; pull out; quit; release; rinse; rip off; separate; set free; split; tear off; tear open; uncouple; unlace; unpick; unpin; untie; wash; work loose
dévisser employ; hire; set to work disconnect; drop out; get undone; loosen; open; open up; pull out; quit; screw off; screw open; turn on; unlock; unpick; unscrew; untie
embaucher employ; engage; hire; recruit; set to work; sign on appeal to; begin; call in; conscript; crimp; engage; enlist; initiate; invite; invoke; operationalize; recruit; shanghai
engager employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on accept; administer; adopt; appeal to; apply; appoint; avail oneself of; begin; call; call in; call over; collect; commence; draw new members; employ; enforce; engage; enlist; enter; enter into; implement; initiate; invite; invoke; kick off; make use of; mobilise; mobilize; nominate; operationalize; pawn; practice; practise; receive; recruit; set in motion; set up; start; start to; strike up; take; take off; take on; take upon oneself; tie on to; undertake; use; utilise; utilize
louer charter; hire charter; commend; extol; farm; farm out; glorify; hire out; honor; honour; lease; let; pay deference to; praise; rent; show respect for
nommer employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on advise; appoint; call; consider; denominate; elect; enumerate; establish; instal; install; institute; list; mention; mention by name; name; nominate; present; propose; recommend; stamp one's foot; suggest; term
prendre en location charter; hire charter
prendre en service employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; employ; enforce; engage; implement; make use of; practice; practise; take; use; utilise; utilize
recruter employ; engage; hire; recruit; sign on advertise; advertize; conscript; crimp; draw new members; make propaganda; publish; recruit; shanghai; solicit
- charter; employ; engage; lease; rent; take
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- engage

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Related Definitions for "hire":

  1. the act of hiring something or someone1
    • he signed up for a week's car hire1
  2. a newly hired employee1
    • the new hires need special training1
  3. engage for service under a term of contract1
  4. engage or hire for work1
    • They hired two new secretaries in the department1
  5. hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services1

Wiktionary Translations for hire:

  1. to employ
  2. to obtain the services of in return for fixed payment
  1. engager un salarié, passer avec lui un contrat de travail.
  2. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

Cross Translation:
hire louer huren — tegen betaling lenen
hire employer anstellen — jemandem eine Arbeitsstelle bieten
hire engager dingengehoben: jemanden anwerben, jemanden gegen Lohn eine Aufgabe erledigen lassen (heute vor allem im Zusammenhang mit kriminellen Machenschaften benutzt)
hire engager engagieren — (transitiv) jemanden für eine Arbeitsstelle einstellen oder einen Auftritt buchen

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