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Synonyms for "putin":

  • Putin; Vladimir Putin; Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin; statesman; solon; national leader


Translation Matrix for Putin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- Vladimir Putin; Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Related Definitions for "Putin":

  1. Russian statesman chosen as president of the Russian Federation in 2000; formerly director of the Federal Security Bureau (born in 1952)1

Wiktionary Translations for Putin:

proper noun
  1. surname
  1. -

put in:

to put in verb (puts in, put in, putting in)

  1. to put in
    mettre dans; entrer
    • entrer verb (entre, entres, entrons, entrez, )
  2. to put in (stick in)
    enfoncer dans; percer
    • percer verb (perce, perces, perçons, percez, )
  3. to put in (stick in)
    • percer verb (perce, perces, perçons, percez, )
  4. to put in (introduce)
    insérer; introduire; ajouter; intercaler; faire entrer
    • insérer verb (insère, insères, insérons, insérez, )
    • introduire verb (introduis, introduit, introduisons, introduisez, )
    • ajouter verb (ajoute, ajoutes, ajoutons, ajoutez, )
    • intercaler verb (intercale, intercales, intercalons, intercalez, )
  5. to put in (introduce)
    insérer; ajouter; intercaler; incorporer; enclaver; enchâsser; emboîter; encastrer
    • insérer verb (insère, insères, insérons, insérez, )
    • ajouter verb (ajoute, ajoutes, ajoutons, ajoutez, )
    • intercaler verb (intercale, intercales, intercalons, intercalez, )
    • incorporer verb (incorpore, incorpores, incorporons, incorporez, )
    • enclaver verb
    • enchâsser verb (enchâsse, enchâsses, enchâssons, enchâssez, )
    • emboîter verb (emboîte, emboîtes, emboîtons, emboîtez, )
    • encastrer verb (encastre, encastres, encastrons, encastrez, )
  6. to put in (put inside)
    • rentrer verb (rentre, rentres, rentrons, rentrez, )

Conjugations for put in:

  1. put in
  2. put in
  3. puts in
  4. put in
  5. put in
  6. put in
simple past
  1. put in
  2. put in
  3. put in
  4. put in
  5. put in
  6. put in
present perfect
  1. have put in
  2. have put in
  3. has put in
  4. have put in
  5. have put in
  6. have put in
past continuous
  1. was putting in
  2. were putting in
  3. was putting in
  4. were putting in
  5. were putting in
  6. were putting in
  1. shall put in
  2. will put in
  3. will put in
  4. shall put in
  5. will put in
  6. will put in
continuous present
  1. am putting in
  2. are putting in
  3. is putting in
  4. are putting in
  5. are putting in
  6. are putting in
  1. be put in
  2. be put in
  3. be put in
  4. be put in
  5. be put in
  6. be put in
  1. put in!
  2. let's put in!
  3. put in
  4. putting in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for put in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ajouter introduce; put in add; add to; add to mixture; add up; append; besiege; besieged; besieges; blend with; contribute; contribute more; count in; count up; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; fill; fill up; include; join; join up; make up; pay; pay extra; pay in; replenish; settle the difference; share in the costs; surround; tally up; to make complete; top up; total; unite; wrap up
emboîter introduce; put in fit in; slide into each other
encastrer introduce; put in admit; fit in; let in
enchâsser introduce; put in
enclaver introduce; put in
enfoncer dans put in; stick in bang into; ram into; smash into; stab into
entrer put in come in; enter; get in; go in; go inside; go into; penetrate; type in
faire entrer introduce; put in admit; allow in; break into; call in; drive into; enter by force; force one's way in; infiltrate; intrude; invade; lead in; let in; open to; penetrate; send into; show in; sneak in
incorporer introduce; put in absorb; add; build in; count up; embed; fill up; incorporate; initiate; lap up; pick up; replenish; sip up; take in; take up; to make complete; total
insérer introduce; put in add; add to; append; bring down; build in; fit in; incorporate; insert; intercalate; interpolate; join; locate; place; place in between; put; put down; put in between; situate; take down
intercaler introduce; put in fit in; insert; intercalate; interpolate; place in between; put in between
introduire introduce; put in allow in; bring in money; call in; introduce; introduce somebody to; lead in; let in; open; show in; sneak in; start; type in; usher in
mettre dans put in insert; put into
percer put in; stick in bore; bore through; break through; break up; come through; contain; convert; dig; drill; encode; filter; get through; get to know; grasp; hint; hold; impress; imprint; instil; instill; leak through; penetrate; perforate; pierce; pierce through; plough; plough up; prick; realise; realize; reform; run through; stab; stab through
rentrer put in; put inside backpedal; backtrack; come back; come in; draw in; drive in; enter; get in; go back; go in; go inside; go into; haul in; pull in; return; ride in; take in; turn around
- barge in; break in; butt in; chime in; chisel in; come in; cut in; enclose; hive away; inclose; inject; insert; instal; install; interject; interpose; introduce; lay in; salt away; set up; stack away; stash away; stick in; store; submit; throw in
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- instal; install; interpose; set up

Synonyms for "put in":

Related Definitions for "put in":

  1. introduce1
  2. break into a conversation1
  3. to insert between other elements1
  4. make an application as for a job or funding1
    • We put in a grant to the NSF1
  5. set up for use1
    • We put in a new sink1
  6. keep or lay aside for future use1

Wiktionary Translations for put in:

put in
  1. to place inside
put in
  1. Insérer un carton à l’endroit d’une feuille où il doit être.
  2. Introduire, faire entrer une chose dans une autre
  3. Faire entrer une chose dans une autre.
  4. placer une personne, ou un animal, ou une chose dans un lieu déterminé.

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