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Detailed Translations for validity from English to French


validity [the ~] noun

  1. the validity (legitimacy)
    la validité; la force de loi; la légitimité; la vigueur; la légalité
  2. the validity
    la durée de validité; la validité
  3. the validity
    la validité
  4. the validity (physical disposition)

Translation Matrix for validity:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disposition physique physical disposition; validity
durée de validité validity duration; period; running time; term
force de loi legitimacy; validity legality; name of the law
légalité legitimacy; validity lawfulness; legality; legitimacy; rightfulness
légitimité legitimacy; validity authenticity; chastity; decency; genuineness; lawfulness; legality; legitimacy; modesty; rightfulness; solidity; soundness; virtue
validité legitimacy; physical disposition; validity assertiveness; chastity; decency; modesty; solidity; soundness; virtue
vigueur legitimacy; validity being awake; bodily strength; bravery; courage; daring; decisiveness; gallantry; gusto; intensity; lively; power; strength; strongness; sturdiness; toughness; valor; valour; vigor; vigour; youth; youthfulness; zest
- cogency; hardiness; lustiness; rigor; rigour; robustness; validness

Related Words for "validity":

Synonyms for "validity":

  • cogency; rigor; rigour; credibility; credibleness; believability
  • validness; legality

Related Definitions for "validity":

  1. the quality of being valid and rigorous1
  2. the quality of having legal force or effectiveness1
  3. the property of being strong and healthy in constitution1

Wiktionary Translations for validity:

  1. the state of being valid, authentic or genuine
  1. caractère de ce qui est valide ou valable.

Cross Translation:
validity validité validiteitgeldigheid
validity validité ValiditätZuverlässigkeit einer Aussage, Richtigkeit, Rechtsgültigkeit