Detailed Translations for warrant from English to French


to warrant verb (warrants, warranted, warranting)

  1. to warrant (guarantee; vouch for; underwrite)
    garantir; assurer; rassurer; certifier; être garant de; se porter garant; ratifier; répondre pour; se porter caution pour
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • assurer verb (assure, assures, assurons, assurez, )
    • rassurer verb (rassure, rassures, rassurons, rassurez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )
    • ratifier verb (ratifie, ratifies, ratifions, ratifiez, )
  2. to warrant (guarantee; vouch; underwrite)
    garantir; se porter garant de; certifier; être garant que
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )
  3. to warrant (guarantee; vouch)
    être garant; se porter garant; garantir; certifier
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )

Conjugations for warrant:

  1. warrant
  2. warrant
  3. warrants
  4. warrant
  5. warrant
  6. warrant
simple past
  1. warranted
  2. warranted
  3. warranted
  4. warranted
  5. warranted
  6. warranted
present perfect
  1. have warranted
  2. have warranted
  3. has warranted
  4. have warranted
  5. have warranted
  6. have warranted
past continuous
  1. was warranting
  2. were warranting
  3. was warranting
  4. were warranting
  5. were warranting
  6. were warranting
  1. shall warrant
  2. will warrant
  3. will warrant
  4. shall warrant
  5. will warrant
  6. will warrant
continuous present
  1. am warranting
  2. are warranting
  3. is warranting
  4. are warranting
  5. are warranting
  6. are warranting
  1. be warranted
  2. be warranted
  3. be warranted
  4. be warranted
  5. be warranted
  6. be warranted
  1. warrant!
  2. let's warrant!
  3. warranted
  4. warranting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

warrant [the ~] noun

  1. the warrant (guarantee; security; seal; imprint; stamp)
    le poinçon; la garantie
  2. the warrant (mandate; authority)
    le mandat; la procuration; l'ordonnance de paiement; l'autorisation; l'habilitation; la délégation; le pouvoir; le pleins pouvoirs
  3. the warrant (summons; notification; subpoena)
    la notification; la sommation; l'avis; la convocation; l'exploit d'huissier

Translation Matrix for warrant:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
autorisation authority; mandate; warrant acceptance; access; admission; admittance; agreement; allowance; approval; authorisation; authority; authorization; authorization form; consent; fiat; form of proxy; granting; instructions; licence; license; mandate; permission; permit; power; power of attorney; safe-conduct; safeguard
avis notification; subpoena; summons; warrant advice; advising; angle; announcement; announcements; aspect; attitude; call; conception; conviction; convocation; counsel; creed; demand; disposition; examination; idea; inclination; information; insight; inspection; interpretation; judgement; message; news; notice; notification; notion; opinion; outlook; perspective; piece of news; point of view; position; proclamation; proclamations; reading; reminder; report; sign; signal; stand; statement; subpoena; suggestion; summons; taking cognizance; urgent request; version; view; vision; way of thinking
convocation notification; subpoena; summons; warrant announcement; call; call up; convocation; gathering; notification; subpoena; summons
délégation authority; mandate; warrant delegating; delegation; deputation; legation
exploit d'huissier notification; subpoena; summons; warrant announcement; notification; subpoena; summons
garantie guarantee; imprint; seal; security; stamp; warrant bond; caution money; decisiveness; determination; firmness; free service; guarantee; guarantee certificate; hallmark; impress; imprint; pledges; protection; resoluteness; resolution; safeguarding; seal; securities; security; stamp; standing security; sureness
habilitation authority; mandate; warrant
mandat authority; mandate; warrant authority; authorization form; command; commission; form of proxy; instruction; instructions; mandate; money order; order; power of attorney
notification notification; subpoena; summons; warrant announcement; announcing; appointment; call; convocation; declaration; giving notice of; nomination; notification; proclaiming; proclamation; publication; subpoena; summons
ordonnance de paiement authority; mandate; warrant
pleins pouvoirs authority; mandate; warrant
poinçon guarantee; imprint; seal; security; stamp; warrant alder; attribute; awl; brand; brand name; characteristic; drift; feature; hallmark; impress; imprint; property; punch; seal; stamp; trademark; trait
pouvoir authority; mandate; warrant authorities; authority; capacity; command; competence; control; dominion; establishment; force; mastery; power; qualification; right of say; rule; strength
procuration authority; mandate; warrant approval; authorisation; authority; authorization; care; facility; fiat; furnishing; instructions; licence; license; maintenance; mandate; nursing; power; power of attorney; procurement; providing; provision; service
sommation notification; subpoena; summons; warrant admonition; announcement; assignment; command; cue; demand; instruction; motto; notification; order; parole; reminder; shibboleth; subpoena; summons; urgent request; warning
- countenance; endorsement; guarantee; imprimatur; indorsement; sanction; stock warrant; stock-purchase warrant; warrantee; warranty
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
assurer guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant secure
certifier guarantee; underwrite; vouch; vouch for; warrant appear as a witness; bear testimony; bear witness; do as if; feign; give evidence; pretend; sham; testify; testify to
garantir guarantee; underwrite; vouch; vouch for; warrant guard; protect
pouvoir be able; be allowed to; have permission; may
rassurer guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant allay; reassure; set at ease; soothe
ratifier guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant accept; acknowledge; agree to; approve; assent; assent to; authenticate; authorise; authorize; bear out; certify; confirm; consent to; notice; ratify; sanction; seal; signal; support; uphold; validate
répondre pour guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
se porter caution pour guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
se porter garant guarantee; underwrite; vouch; vouch for; warrant
se porter garant de guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant
être garant guarantee; vouch; warrant
être garant de guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant be responsible; bear responsibility; hold liable; hold responsible
être garant que guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant
- guarantee; justify

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Related Definitions for "warrant":

  1. a writ from a court commanding police to perform specified acts1
  2. a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications1
  3. formal and explicit approval1
  4. a type of security issued by a corporation (usually together with a bond or preferred stock) that gives the holder the right to purchase a certain amount of common stock at a stated price1
    • as a sweetener they offered warrants along with the fixed-income securities1
  5. stand behind and guarantee the quality, accuracy, or condition of1
    • The dealer warrants all the cars he sells1
    • I warrant this information1
  6. show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for1
    • The emergency does not warrant all of us buying guns1

Wiktionary Translations for warrant:

  1. legal: judicial writ
  2. warrant of fitness of a motor vehicle
  1. Rendre certain d’une chose
  2. (vieilli) revêtir d’une autorité.
  3. Se rendre caution pour quelqu’un.
  4. apporter de la motivation.
  1. écrit qui sert de preuve ou de renseignement.
  2. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

Cross Translation:
warrant garantie waarborg — een geldbedrag of iets anders dat tijdelijk gegeven wordt als onderpand voor het geval men een verplichting niet na kan komen
warrant ordre Befehl — verbindliche Anweisung (bei Militär, Polizei und ähnlichem)
warrant bon GutscheinBestätigung über Gegenleistung, Waren- oder Geldwert

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Detailed Translations for warrant from French to English


Synonyms for "warrant":

Wiktionary Translations for warrant:

  1. comm|fr récépissé délivrer aux commerçants, lorsqu’ils déposer des marchandises dans un entrepôt, et qui constater la valeur de ces marchandises, pour but de garantie financière sur ce bien.