Detailed Translations for waste from English to French


waste [the ~] noun

  1. the waste (rubbish; refuse; litter)
    le décombres; le déchets; le débris; le gravats; l'ordures
  2. the waste (squandering; wastage)
    le gaspillage; la dissipation
  3. the waste (coal-dust; slack)
    le poussier
  4. the waste
    le déchet

to waste verb (wastes, wasted, wasting)

  1. to waste (squander; dissipate)
    claquer son argent; gâcher; gaspiller; dilapider; dépenser follement; jeter
    • gâcher verb (gâche, gâches, gâchons, gâchez, )
    • gaspiller verb (gaspille, gaspilles, gaspillons, gaspillez, )
    • dilapider verb (dilapide, dilapides, dilapidons, dilapidez, )
    • jeter verb (jette, jettes, jetons, jetez, )
  2. to waste (spoil)
    empoisonner; gâter quelque chose
    • empoisonner verb (empoisonne, empoisonnes, empoisonnons, empoisonnez, )
  3. to waste (spill; dissipate; slop; mess; squander)
    gaspiller; gâcher; dissiper; dépenser follement
    • gaspiller verb (gaspille, gaspilles, gaspillons, gaspillez, )
    • gâcher verb (gâche, gâches, gâchons, gâchez, )
    • dissiper verb (dissipe, dissipes, dissipons, dissipez, )
  4. to waste (throw away)
    dissiper; gaspiller
    • dissiper verb (dissipe, dissipes, dissipons, dissipez, )
    • gaspiller verb (gaspille, gaspilles, gaspillons, gaspillez, )

Conjugations for waste:

  1. waste
  2. waste
  3. wastes
  4. waste
  5. waste
  6. waste
simple past
  1. wasted
  2. wasted
  3. wasted
  4. wasted
  5. wasted
  6. wasted
present perfect
  1. have wasted
  2. have wasted
  3. has wasted
  4. have wasted
  5. have wasted
  6. have wasted
past continuous
  1. was wasting
  2. were wasting
  3. was wasting
  4. were wasting
  5. were wasting
  6. were wasting
  1. shall waste
  2. will waste
  3. will waste
  4. shall waste
  5. will waste
  6. will waste
continuous present
  1. am ting
  2. are ting
  3. is ting
  4. are ting
  5. are ting
  6. are ting
  1. be wasted
  2. be wasted
  3. be wasted
  4. be wasted
  5. be wasted
  6. be wasted
  1. waste!
  2. let's waste!
  3. wasted
  4. wasting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for waste:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dissipation squandering; wastage; waste consumption; expenditure; inattention; use
débris litter; refuse; rubbish; waste grit; pebble-sand
déchet waste by-product; scrap; waste material; waste product
déchets litter; refuse; rubbish; waste by-products; mackles; maculas; misprints; rejects; spoilages; spoilt sheets; throw-outs; waste materials
décombres litter; refuse; rubbish; waste
gaspillage squandering; wastage; waste consumption; expenditure; use; wastage
gravats litter; refuse; rubbish; waste
ordures litter; refuse; rubbish; waste street-refuse
poussier coal-dust; slack; waste
- barren; dissipation; permissive waste; thriftlessness; waste material; waste matter; waste product; wastefulness; wasteland
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
claquer son argent dissipate; squander; waste borrow money on; flog; mortgage; pawn; pledge; spend; squander
dilapider dissipate; squander; waste
dissiper dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; throw away; waste break up; disperse; dissipate; scatter
dépenser follement dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste borrow money on; mortgage; pawn; pledge; spend; squander
empoisonner spoil; waste blow; contaminate; destroy; infect; poison; ruin; spoil
gaspiller dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; throw away; waste borrow money on; botch up; flog; mess up; mortgage; muck up; pawn; pledge; spend; spoil; squander
gâcher dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste be lost; be slovenly; be wrecked; botch up; bungle; corrupt; crash; debase; decay; degenerate; deprave; deteriorate; fall into decline; fool about; fool around; get acid; go bad; make sour; meet an accident; mess; mess about; mess around; mess up; muck up; neglect; perish; pervert; rot; sour; spoil; tinker; turn sour
gâter quelque chose spoil; waste
jeter dissipate; squander; waste cast; cast off; discard; fling; heave; hurl; kick off; rocket; throw; throw away; throw down; throw off; throw on the ground; throw out; throw to
- blow; consume; desolate; devastate; do in; emaciate; knock off; languish; lay waste to; liquidate; macerate; neutralise; neutralize; pine away; ravage; rot; run off; scourge; squander; ware
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- godforsaken; wild
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- decay; loss; wastage

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Related Definitions for "waste":

  1. located in a dismal or remote area; desolate1
    • waste places1
  2. useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly1
    • if the effort brings no compensating gain it is a waste1
  3. (law) reduction in the value of an estate caused by act or neglect1
  4. the trait of wasting resources1
    • a life characterized by thriftlessness and waste1
  5. an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation1
    • the trackless wastes of the desert1
  6. any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted1
    • they collect the waste once a week1
  7. become physically weaker1
    • Political prisoners are wasting away in many prisons all over the world1
  8. cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly1
  9. cause to grow thin or weak1
  10. lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief1
  11. spend extravagantly1
    • waste not, want not1
  12. use inefficiently or inappropriately1
    • waste heat1
    • waste a joke on an unappreciative audience1
  13. get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing1
  14. run off as waste1
    • The water wastes back into the ocean1
  15. get rid of1
    • We waste the dirty water by channeling it into the sewer1
  16. spend thoughtlessly; throw away1
    • He wasted his inheritance on his insincere friends1

Wiktionary Translations for waste:

  1. loss, ineffective use
  2. decay
  3. useless products, garbage
  4. excrement
  1. to destroy
  2. to squander
  3. to kill
  4. to weaken
  1. détruire en disperser.
  2. Dépenser, consommer avec prodigalité. (Sens général).
  3. Perdre une unité mesurable tel le temps, l'argent.
  4. donner, dépenser avec profusion.
  1. reste d’une chose brisée ou en partie détruire.
  2. diminution, perte qu’une chose éprouver dans sa substance, dans sa valeur ou dans quelqu’une de ses qualités.
  3. Pluriel de déchet.
  4. indénombrable|fr gaspillage.
  5. mortier faire de plâtre, de chaux, de ciment délayer avec de l’eau.
  6. déchets

Cross Translation:
waste gaspillage verspilling — het teloor laten gaan van iets waardevols door nalatigheid
waste gaspiller; dilapider verspillen — door nalatigheid verloren laten gaan
waste dilapider; gaspiller verkwisten — iets gebruiken zonder dat je het goed of volledig benut
waste rebut; camelote Ausschussnur Singular: produzierte Ware, die nicht dem Qualitätsstandard entspricht und daher aus der Produktion entnommen wird
waste immondices; déchets Müll — gemischte Abfall, wertlose Abfallmischung
waste ordures Unrat — Menge von Gegenständen, die zu nichts mehr verwendet werden können und den Ort, an dem sie sich befinden, verschandeln
waste déchet; déchets; ordures AbfallWirtschaft, Hauswirtschaft: der bei der Verwendung oder Verarbeitung überfällige Rest (auch im übertragenen Sinn)
waste gaspiller vergeuden — (transitiv) etwas erfolglos, sinnlos, planlos, unrationell aufwenden
waste dilapider; dissiper; prodiguer verschwendenunnötig viele Mittel, Ressourcen (Geld, Zeit, Rohstoffe) einsetzen; etwas erfolglos, sinnlos, planlos, unrationell aufwenden; vergeuden
waste gaspiller vertuntransitiv: (etwas, das zumeist wertvoll, unwiederbringlich oder dergleichen ist) unnützerweise, mit Nichtigkeiten verschwenden, vergeuden
waste désert wüst — weder besiedelt noch landwirtschaftlich genutzt (meist auch nicht nutzbar)

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