Detailed Translations for abstain from English to French


to abstain verb (abstains, abstained, abstaining)

  1. to abstain
    repousser; rejeter; refuser; s'abstenir; s'abstenir de
    • repousser verb (repousse, repousses, repoussons, repoussez, )
    • rejeter verb (rejette, rejettes, rejetons, rejetez, )
    • refuser verb (refuse, refuses, refusons, refusez, )
    • s'abstenir verb
  2. to abstain (fast)
    faire la grève de la faim; jeûner; faire son carême; priver de; faire carême; observer le carême; s'abstenir; s'abstenir de

Conjugations for abstain:

  1. abstain
  2. abstain
  3. abstains
  4. abstain
  5. abstain
  6. abstain
simple past
  1. abstained
  2. abstained
  3. abstained
  4. abstained
  5. abstained
  6. abstained
present perfect
  1. have abstained
  2. have abstained
  3. has abstained
  4. have abstained
  5. have abstained
  6. have abstained
past continuous
  1. was abstaining
  2. were abstaining
  3. was abstaining
  4. were abstaining
  5. were abstaining
  6. were abstaining
  1. shall abstain
  2. will abstain
  3. will abstain
  4. shall abstain
  5. will abstain
  6. will abstain
continuous present
  1. am abstaining
  2. are abstaining
  3. is abstaining
  4. are abstaining
  5. are abstaining
  6. are abstaining
  1. be abstained
  2. be abstained
  3. be abstained
  4. be abstained
  5. be abstained
  6. be abstained
  1. abstain!
  2. let's abstain!
  3. abstained
  4. abstaining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for abstain:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
faire carême abstain; fast
faire la grève de la faim abstain; fast hunger strike
faire son carême abstain; fast
jeûner abstain; fast
observer le carême abstain; fast
priver de abstain; fast bare; deprive; exploit; strip; take advantage of
refuser abstain ban; decline; disapprove of; fob off with; forbid; not follow up; prohibit; push aside; refuse; reject; render thanks; say thank you to; scorn; spurn; thank; turn down; veto
rejeter abstain balk at; decline; defend; disown; fob off with; hold off; ignore; keep away; keep off; keep out; not follow up; outvote; pass the buck; push off; refuse; refuse flatly; reject; render thanks; renounce; resist; return; say thank you to; scorn; shift onto; sprout from; spurn; thank; throw back; turn down; vote down
repousser abstain alienate; avert; debar; decline; defend; denounce; deter; disapprove; disclaim; disown; evacuate; except; except from; exclude; fend off; fob off with; force back; frighten away; frighten off; hold off; keep away; keep off; keep out; lay off; move; move over; not follow up; object to; outvote; parry; postpone; preclude; prevent; push; push away; push off; push up; put off; refuse; reject; remove; renounce; repudiate; resist; rule out; scare off; scorn; shove away; shut out; spurn; turn down; vote down
s'abstenir abstain; fast
s'abstenir de abstain; fast abstain from; refrain from
- desist; refrain

Related Words for "abstain":

  • abstaining

Synonyms for "abstain":

Antonyms for "abstain":

Related Definitions for "abstain":

  1. choose not to consume1
    • I abstain from alcohol1
  2. refrain from voting1

Wiktionary Translations for abstain:

  1. refrain from
    • abstain → s'abstenir
  2. refrain from voting
    • abstain → s'abstenir
  1. S’empêcher de faire quelque chose ; se priver de l’usage de quelque chose.

Cross Translation:
abstain abstenir enthalten — (reflexiv) sich von etwas fernhalten
abstain refuser versagenmit Dativ: (jemandem oder sich) etwas nicht gönnen

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