Detailed Translations for act from English to French


to act verb (acts, acted, acting)

  1. to act (do; accomplish)
    faire; accomplir; exécuter; réaliser; s'acquitter de
    • faire verb (fais, fait, faisons, faites, )
    • accomplir verb (accomplis, accomplit, accomplissons, accomplissez, )
    • exécuter verb (exécute, exécutes, exécutons, exécutez, )
    • réaliser verb (réalise, réalises, réalisons, réalisez, )
  2. to act (perform)
    jouer; faire du théâtre; présenter un spectacle; se produire
  3. to act (perform)
    faire du théâtre; jouer; dramatiser; jouer la comédie; figurer; feindre; simuler; interpréter
    • jouer verb (joue, joues, jouons, jouez, )
    • dramatiser verb (dramatise, dramatises, dramatisons, dramatisez, )
    • figurer verb (figure, figures, figurons, figurez, )
    • feindre verb (feins, feint, feignons, feignez, )
    • simuler verb (simule, simules, simulons, simulez, )
    • interpréter verb (interprète, interprètes, interprétons, interprétez, )
  4. to act (pretend; play; play-act; )
    jouer; feindre; simuler; jouer la comédie; dramatiser
    • jouer verb (joue, joues, jouons, jouez, )
    • feindre verb (feins, feint, feignons, feignez, )
    • simuler verb (simule, simules, simulons, simulez, )
    • dramatiser verb (dramatise, dramatises, dramatisons, dramatisez, )
  5. to act (agitate; deal with; deal)
    agir; opérer
    • agir verb (agis, agit, agissons, agissez, )
    • opérer verb (opère, opères, opérons, opérez, )

Conjugations for act:

  1. act
  2. act
  3. acts
  4. act
  5. act
  6. act
simple past
  1. acted
  2. acted
  3. acted
  4. acted
  5. acted
  6. acted
present perfect
  1. have acted
  2. have acted
  3. has acted
  4. have acted
  5. have acted
  6. have acted
past continuous
  1. was acting
  2. were acting
  3. was acting
  4. were acting
  5. were acting
  6. were acting
  1. shall act
  2. will act
  3. will act
  4. shall act
  5. will act
  6. will act
continuous present
  1. am acting
  2. are acting
  3. is acting
  4. are acting
  5. are acting
  6. are acting
  1. be acted
  2. be acted
  3. be acted
  4. be acted
  5. be acted
  6. be acted
  1. act!
  2. let's act!
  3. acted
  4. acting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

act [the ~] noun

  1. the act (deed; action)
    l'action; l'acte; le geste; le fait

Translation Matrix for act:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acte act; action; deed document; official document; performance
action act; action; deed To Do; action; affectation; agitating; campaign; claim; demand; demonstration; effect; element; elementary component; fundamental ingredient; influence; ingredient; legal claim; operate; parliamentary party; part; perform; petition; portion; pose; principle ingredient; protest; public protest; put on; rally; section; segment; share; swank; work
fait act; action; deed affair; business; case; data; event; fact; matter; occasion; occurrence
geste act; action; deed gesture; gymnastics; physical exercise; sign; signal
- bit; deed; enactment; human action; human activity; number; routine; turn
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accomplir accomplish; act; do accomplish; achieve; attain; bring about; bring to an end; carry out; complete; cover; do; effect; end; execute; finish; get done; get ready; go; realise; realize; substantiate; succeed; travel; traverse
agir act; agitate; deal; deal with operate; proceed; work
dramatiser act; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend dramatise; dramatize
exécuter accomplish; act; do accomplish; bring to an end; carry out; commit; complete; do; eliminate; end; execute; execute capital punishment; finish; fulfil; fulfill; get done; get ready; kill; labor; labour; perform; perpetrate; put to death; run; shoot dead; succeed; take someone's life; work
faire accomplish; act; do accomplish; begin; bring about; bring forth; bring to an end; cause; commence; commit; complete; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; end; exercise; finish; generate; get done; get ready; instigate; invent; make; manufacture; perpetrate; practice; practise; prepare; produce; set in motion; set up; start; start to; strike up; take off; take on; undertake
faire du théâtre act; perform act a part; impersonate; play the role of; play-act
feindre act; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend delude; do as if; dramatise; dramatize; favor; favour; feign; hold out; pretend; sham; simulate; slide in front; stage
figurer act; perform act a part; be in sympathy with; conceive; feel; feel empathy for; figure; imagine; impersonate; intend; play the role of; play-act; pose; sympathise; sympathize; think
interpréter act; perform act a part; cover; define; depict; describe; explain; expound; express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; interpret; personify; play the role of; play-act; portray; recount; render; report; represent; reproduce; reveal oneself; say; speak; take up; talk; tell; transcribe; translate; understand; utter; ventilate
jouer act; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend act a part; bet; bet with shares; conjecture; dramatise; dramatize; gamble; impersonate; play the role of; play up; play up in a cardgame; play-act; plonk; pluck strings; speculate; strike up; take a chance; take a risk
jouer la comédie act; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend dramatise; dramatize
opérer act; agitate; deal; deal with operate; proceed; work
présenter un spectacle act; perform
réaliser accomplish; act; do accomplish; achieve; attain; bring about; bring forth; capitalise; capitalize; carry out; come about; comprehend; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; direct; do; effect; execute; gain; generate; get; get hold of; get one's hands on; grasp; invent; labor; labour; lay one's hands on; make; manufacture; obtain; prepare; produce; realise; realize; receive for one's portion; seize; seize upon; succeed; understand; win; work
s'acquitter de accomplish; act; do accomplish; acquit o.s.; acquit oneself of; bring to an end; complete; discharge; end; finish; get done; get ready; make even; pay; pay on account; pay up; settle
se produire act; perform act a part; arise; happen; impersonate; occur; play the role of; play-act; take place
simuler act; dramatise; dramatize; perform; play; play-act; pretend do as if; dramatise; dramatize; feign; pretend; sham; simulate; stage
- act as; behave; dissemble; do; move; play; playact; pretend; represent; roleplay; work
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- proceed
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fait accomplished; achieved; attended to; born; carried out; clear; complete; completed; concluded; cooked-through; created; done; evident; executed; finished; made; manufactured; ; off; out; over; performed; prepared; produced; ready; ready for use

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Related Definitions for "act":

  1. something that people do or cause to happen1
  2. a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body1
  3. a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program1
    • he did his act three times every evening1
  4. a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet1
  5. a manifestation of insincerity1
    • he put on quite an act for her benefit1
  6. behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself1
    • You should act like an adult1
    • The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people1
  7. pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind1
    • He acted the idiot1
  8. discharge one's duties1
    • She acts as the chair1
    • In what capacity are you acting?1
  9. play a role or part1
    • She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role1
  10. perform on a stage or theater1
    • She acts in this play1
    • He acted in `Julius Caesar'1
  11. behave unnaturally or affectedly1
    • She's just acting1
  12. perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)1
    • think before you act1
    • The governor should act on the new energy bill1
    • The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel1
  13. be engaged in an activity, often for no particular purpose other than pleasure1
  14. have an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected1
    • How does your idea work in practice?1
    • The breaks of my new car act quickly1
  15. be suitable for theatrical performance1
    • This scene acts well1

Wiktionary Translations for act:

  1. to behave in a certain way
  2. to perform a theatrical role
  3. to do something
  1. display of behaviour
  2. division of theatrical performance
  3. process of doing
  4. formal record of something done
  5. statute
  6. deed
  7. state of existence
  1. Action
  2. Accord passé entre particulier, contrat
  3. Décision de l’autorité publique
  4. Subdivision d'une pièce de théâtre
  5. écrit qui sert de preuve ou de renseignement.
  6. action d’escroquer.
  7. action et mouvement du corps et particulièrement des bras et des mains, action et mouvement employés à signifier quelque chose.
  8. règle, obligations écrites, prescrites ou tacites, auxquelles les hommes se doivent de se conformer.
  9. identifiant alphanumérique ou purement numérique qu’on mettre sur quelque chose et qui servir à la reconnaître.
  10. partie, portion, morceau d’un tout.
  1. Faire, poser un acte
  2. accomplir sa fonction, en parlant d’un mécanisme, d’un organe, etc.
  3. faire impression sur une chose, exercer sur elle une action qui tendre à la modifier.
  4. Représenter une pièce de théâtre
  5. accomplir une œuvre, produire un effet.
  6. exposer à la vue, se faire ou se laisser voir, se manifester.
  7. provenir, tirer son origine.
  8. avoir l’air, l’apparence

Cross Translation:
act prestation; performance prestatie — resultaat van een actie (die vaak met enige moeite gepaard gaat)
act acte handeling — datgene dat gedaan is
act être en fonction; faire fonction fungeren — een bepaalde functie vervullen
act acte; action daad — bewust gepleegde handeling
act acter acteren — (inergatief) een rol vervullen in een toneelspel
act acte Aufzug — in sich geschlossener aus mehreren Auftritten bestehender Teil eines Dramas
act loi GesetzRecht: Regel, die ein Gesetzgeber in einem bestimmten Verfahren erlässt und die die jeweilig Untergebenen zu befolgen haben
act œuvre Werk — (groß) Schöpfung eines Künstlers oder Kreativen
act s’énerver; épater aufmandelnbairisch, reflexiv: sich aufspielen, sich (künstlich) aufregen
act faire; agir handeln — etwas machen, tun, arbeiten
act acte Akt — Abschnitt eines Theaterstückes, Films oder eines Singspiels (Oper/Operette)
act acte Akt — Handlung, Vorgang
act comporter verhalten — (reflexiv) sich benehmen
act opérer; agir wirkeneine Wirkung entfalten

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