Detailed Translations for agree with from English to French

agree with:

to agree with verb (agrees with, agreed with, agreeing with)

  1. to agree with (concede; grant; allow; )
    accorder; consentir; acquiescer; être d'accord avec
    • accorder verb (accorde, accordes, accordons, accordez, )
    • consentir verb (consens, consent, consentons, consentez, )
    • acquiescer verb (acquiesce, acquiesces, acquiesçons, acquiescez, )
  2. to agree with (agree to)
    consentir; donner son accord; donner son consentement; se mettre d'accord; être d'accord avec

Conjugations for agree with:

  1. agree with
  2. agree with
  3. agrees with
  4. agree with
  5. agree with
  6. agree with
simple past
  1. agreed with
  2. agreed with
  3. agreed with
  4. agreed with
  5. agreed with
  6. agreed with
present perfect
  1. have agreed with
  2. have agreed with
  3. has agreed with
  4. have agreed with
  5. have agreed with
  6. have agreed with
past continuous
  1. was agreeing with
  2. were agreeing with
  3. was agreeing with
  4. were agreeing with
  5. were agreeing with
  6. were agreeing with
  1. shall agree with
  2. will agree with
  3. will agree with
  4. shall agree with
  5. will agree with
  6. will agree with
continuous present
  1. am agreeing with
  2. are agreeing with
  3. is agreeing with
  4. are agreeing with
  5. are agreeing with
  6. are agreeing with
  1. be agreed with
  2. be agreed with
  3. be agreed with
  4. be agreed with
  5. be agreed with
  6. be agreed with
  1. agree with!
  2. let's agree with!
  3. agreed with
  4. agreeing with
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for agree with:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accorder agree with; allow; concede; give in; grant; permit; yield accept; adjust; agree; agree on; allocate; allot; allow; arrange; assign; authorise; authorize; award; bestow on; cede; comply with; confer; donate; give; grant; permit; reconcile; synchronise; synchronize; tolerate; tune in; yield
acquiescer agree with; allow; concede; give in; grant; permit; yield agree to; allow; assent to; consent to
consentir agree to; agree with; allow; concede; give in; grant; permit; yield accept; admit; agree; agree to; allocate; allot; allow; approve; assent to; assign; authorise; authorize; back up; bestow on; concede; confer; confirm; consent to; correspond to; endorse; fit; give; give one's fiat to; go to great pains; grant; match; permit; sanction; shore; submit to; support; take pains; tolerate; try hard; validate
donner son accord agree to; agree with agree; concur
donner son consentement agree to; agree with agree; concur
se mettre d'accord agree to; agree with agree; concur
être d'accord avec agree to; agree with; allow; concede; give in; grant; permit; yield agree; approve; back up; concur
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- be in agreement with

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