Detailed Translations for agressive from English to French


Translation Matrix for agressive:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sauvage boor; brute; primitive; rude fellow; savage
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agressif agressive; offensive; violent aggressive; argumentative; assertive; cocky; embittered; exasperated; fierce; grim; offensive; quarrelsome; snappish; sullen; waspish
agressivement agressive; offensive; violent aggressive; assertive; offensive
brutal agressive; offensive; violent abominable; barbaric; beastly; bestial; brutal; cruel; gruesome; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heinous; inhuman; inhumane; rough; violent
brutalement agressive; offensive; violent abominable; audacious; barbaric; brutal; cruel; gruesome; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heinous; ill-mannered; impertinent; inhuman; inhumane; pityless; rough; ruthless; sanguine; violent
rude agressive; offensive; violent abominable; barbaric; bare; barren; brutal; cantankerous; crabbed; cruel; crusty; cutting; feral; gruesome; gruff; grumpy; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heinous; inflexible; inhuman; inhumane; nagging; nipping; rigid; rough; severe; snappy; stern; strict; sullen; surly; unbroken; untamed; violent; wild
rudement agressive; offensive; violent abrupt; all at once; all of a sudden; at once; blunt; bogus; faked; false; feigned; fictitious; hard; hard-handed; harsh; mean; not genuine; out of the blue; rough; sham; stingy; sudden; suddenly; unexpectedly; violent
sauvage agressive; offensive; violent feral; fierce; rough; savage; seething; unbroken; untamed; wild
sauvagement agressive; offensive; violent
violemment agressive; offensive; violent ardent; boisterousness; fervent; fierce; furious; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heated; heavy; intense; passionate; rough; tempestuous; vehement; violent
violent agressive; offensive; violent ardent; assaulting; bitter; cutting; enormous; fervent; fierce; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heated; heavy; immense; intense; nipping; passionate; rough; savage; seething; shrill; snappy; tremendous; vehement; violent; wild