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Detailed Translations for barbarian from English to French


barbarian [the ~] noun

  1. the barbarian (fiend; brute; cruel person)
    – a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement 1
    le barbare; l'homme cruel; le monstre; la brute

Translation Matrix for barbarian:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barbare barbarian; brute; cruel person; fiend brute; idiot; imbecile; loony; lunatic; madcap; madman; madwoman; maniac; mental patient; mentally disturbed person; mentally ill person; nut; ruffian; thug; tough
brute barbarian; brute; cruel person; fiend brute; madman; ruffian; thug; tough
homme cruel barbarian; brute; cruel person; fiend brute
monstre barbarian; brute; cruel person; fiend beast; brute; example; model; monster; monstrosity; ogre; sample; specimen; ugly fellow
- Goth; boor; churl; peasant; savage; tike; tyke
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- barbaric; savage; uncivilised; uncivilized; wild
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barbare abominable; barbaric; brutal; cruel; gruesome; heinous; inhuman; inhumane

Related Words for "barbarian":

  • barbarians

Synonyms for "barbarian":

Related Definitions for "barbarian":

  1. without civilizing influences1
    • barbarian invaders1
  2. a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement1
  3. a member of an uncivilized people1

Wiktionary Translations for barbarian:

  1. a warrior associated with Sword and Sorcery stories
  2. a derogatory term for someone from a developing country
  3. an uncivilized person
  1. uncivilized
  1. antiq|fr Qualifie les peuples non gréco-latins.
  1. antiq|fr individu n’appartenir pas à la civilisation grecque, puis, après l’essor de l’empire romain, à la sphère culturelle gréco-romaine.