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Detailed Translations for build in from English to French

build in:

to build in verb (builds in, built in, building in)

  1. to build in (incorporate)
    insérer; incorporer
    • insérer verb (insère, insères, insérons, insérez, )
    • incorporer verb (incorpore, incorpores, incorporons, incorporez, )

Conjugations for build in:

  1. build in
  2. build in
  3. builds in
  4. build in
  5. build in
  6. build in
simple past
  1. built in
  2. built in
  3. built in
  4. built in
  5. built in
  6. built in
present perfect
  1. have built in
  2. have built in
  3. has built in
  4. have built in
  5. have built in
  6. have built in
past continuous
  1. was building in
  2. were building in
  3. was building in
  4. were building in
  5. were building in
  6. were building in
  1. shall build in
  2. will build in
  3. will build in
  4. shall build in
  5. will build in
  6. will build in
continuous present
  1. am building in
  2. are building in
  3. is building in
  4. are building in
  5. are building in
  6. are building in
  1. be built in
  2. be built in
  3. be built in
  4. be built in
  5. be built in
  6. be built in
  1. build in!
  2. let's build in!
  3. built in
  4. building in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for build in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
incorporer build in; incorporate absorb; add; count up; embed; fill up; initiate; introduce; lap up; pick up; put in; replenish; sip up; take in; take up; to make complete; total
insérer build in; incorporate add; add to; append; bring down; fit in; insert; intercalate; interpolate; introduce; join; locate; place; place in between; put; put down; put in; put in between; situate; take down

Synonyms for "build in":

Related Definitions for "build in":

  1. make something an integral part of something else1
    • we can build in a special clause to make the contract better for you1

Wiktionary Translations for build in:

Cross Translation:
build in installer; incorporer einbauentrennbar, transitiv: genau passende Teile in etwas, das schon vorhanden ist, einfügen und befestigen

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