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Detailed Translations for carry away from English to French

carry away:

to carry away verb (carry awaies, carried away, carrying away)

  1. to carry away (carry off; take away; accompany; take in; see off)
    emmener; emporter; déporter; porter; remporter
    • emmener verb (emmène, emmènes, emmenons, emmenez, )
    • emporter verb (emporte, emportes, emportons, emportez, )
    • déporter verb (déporte, déportes, déportons, déportez, )
    • porter verb (porte, portes, portons, portez, )
    • remporter verb (remporte, remportes, remportons, remportez, )
  2. to carry away (intoxicate; thrill)

Conjugations for carry away:

  1. carry away
  2. carry away
  3. carry awaies
  4. carry away
  5. carry away
  6. carry away
simple past
  1. carried away
  2. carried away
  3. carried away
  4. carried away
  5. carried away
  6. carried away
present perfect
  1. have carried away
  2. have carried away
  3. has carried away
  4. have carried away
  5. have carried away
  6. have carried away
past continuous
  1. was carrying away
  2. were carrying away
  3. was carrying away
  4. were carrying away
  5. were carrying away
  6. were carrying away
  1. shall carry away
  2. will carry away
  3. will carry away
  4. shall carry away
  5. will carry away
  6. will carry away
continuous present
  1. am carrying away
  2. are carrying away
  3. is carrying away
  4. are carrying away
  5. are carrying away
  6. are carrying away
  1. be carried away
  2. be carried away
  3. be carried away
  4. be carried away
  5. be carried away
  6. be carried away
  1. carry away!
  2. let's carry away!
  3. carried away
  4. carrying away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for carry away:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
déporter accompany; carry away; carry off; see off; take away; take in deport; discharge; disgorge; drain; empty; expel; remove
emmener accompany; carry away; carry off; see off; take away; take in accompany; carry off; lead off; remove; walk along
emporter accompany; carry away; carry off; see off; take away; take in carry before it; clear; collect; come round for; drag along; empty; fetch; make empty; pick up; pull along; remove what is inside; take; take along; take away
extasier carry away; intoxicate; thrill
porter accompany; carry away; carry off; see off; take away; take in bear; carry; carry along; carry up; cause; delate; deliver up; drag; extend; give; give to; hand; hand over; have on; inflict; mail; offer; pass; port; present with; send; ship; shore; supply; support; wear
remporter accompany; carry away; carry off; see off; take away; take in bring in; get; get hold of; get hold of something; get one's hands on; lay one's hands on; obtain; receive for one's portion; secure; seize; seize upon; take in; take possession of
- bear away; bear off; carry off; take away

Synonyms for "carry away":

Antonyms for "carry away":

Related Definitions for "carry away":

  1. remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state; transport into a new location or state1

Wiktionary Translations for carry away:

carry away
  1. Prendre avec soi et porter ailleurs
  2. traîner avec soi, après soi.

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