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Detailed Translations for clack from English to French


to clack verb (clacks, clacked, clacking)

  1. to clack (clapper)
    battre; claquer
    • battre verb (bats, bat, battons, battez, )
    • claquer verb (claque, claques, claquons, claquez, )
  2. to clack (clatter; clapper)
    battre; tinter; cliqueter; claquer
    • battre verb (bats, bat, battons, battez, )
    • tinter verb (tinte, tintes, tintons, tintez, )
    • cliqueter verb (cliquette, cliquettes, cliquetons, cliquetez, )
    • claquer verb (claque, claques, claquons, claquez, )

Conjugations for clack:

  1. clack
  2. clack
  3. clacks
  4. clack
  5. clack
  6. clack
simple past
  1. clacked
  2. clacked
  3. clacked
  4. clacked
  5. clacked
  6. clacked
present perfect
  1. have clacked
  2. have clacked
  3. has clacked
  4. have clacked
  5. have clacked
  6. have clacked
past continuous
  1. was clacking
  2. were clacking
  3. was clacking
  4. were clacking
  5. were clacking
  6. were clacking
  1. shall clack
  2. will clack
  3. will clack
  4. shall clack
  5. will clack
  6. will clack
continuous present
  1. am clacking
  2. are clacking
  3. is clacking
  4. are clacking
  5. are clacking
  6. are clacking
  1. be clacked
  2. be clacked
  3. be clacked
  4. be clacked
  5. be clacked
  6. be clacked
  1. clack!
  2. let's clack!
  3. clacked
  4. clacking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for clack:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
battre beat off
- clack valve; clap; clapper valve
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
battre clack; clapper; clatter affect; bang; battle with; beat up; churn; combat; concern; contest; drum; dust; fight; ground; hammer; hit; knock; move; pound; quarrel; slap; smack; spike; stir; strike; tap; tap at; thump; touch; whip
claquer clack; clapper; clatter fill in; fill up; flutter; knock; quell; rattle; ruckle; slam; snap shut; tap; tap at
cliqueter clack; clapper; clatter clang; clink; flutter; jangle; jingle; knock; rattle; rattling; ruckle; tap; tap at; tinkle; tinkle away
tinter clack; clapper; clatter clang; clink; jangle; jingle; rattling; sound; tinkle; tinkle away; toll
- brattle; clatter; click; cluck

Related Words for "clack":

  • clacking

Synonyms for "clack":

Related Definitions for "clack":

  1. a simple valve with a hinge on one side; allows fluid to flow in only one direction1
  2. a sharp abrupt noise as if two objects hit together; may be repeated1
  3. make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens1
  4. make a rattling sound1

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